Britcon – The washup.

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Britcon

Well Britcon has been and gone for another year and it still remains the event I looked forward to the most each year.

I enjoy the on campus nature of Britcon, though in truth I think I’ll not book into the same student digs next year. The chance of getting a room that overlooks that pub just isn’t that tempting. Hopefully the slightly cheaper hall will be available or I may splash out and stay at the nearby ibis!! But as that was the only really negative thing I can say about the event then it was a good one.

I like the six games, the fact we get to play at four thousand points, and even the marathon nature of game four starting at 17:30 and finishing at 20:00! It really does feel like struggle when deploying but flies by as the game develops. I know some periods now allow either the Friday or Saturday evening game to be dropped but I hope the Epic community continue to embrace the six game format.

On that subject it was a little disappointing to only get eight players entered this year. I know the headline costs look bad, with a ticket running at £50 with no food and accommodation on top. But for what you get and what the organisers have to shell out I still maintain it’s good value. You even get a £5 voucher back to spend with the traders on-site as long as you spend a £10 with one of them. With two traders having second hand Epic stock this year all the vouchers from the Epic players got spent, some of them on Friday before the stalls officially opened!

And this is something that does make Britcon a bit different. 170+ gamers all playing competition games, twelve (or more I didn’t count!) traders selling a wide variety of games and accessories and people dropping in to see the show. It’s great to see people say they thought epic was dead, and say they might get their models from the loft. Even it one of them does it’s another player back in the fold.

So all in all I had a thoroughly good time at Britcon. Tough games played by real Gents as ever. Thanks to Tim and Kevin for hosting us amongst the historical gamers once again and I definitely intend to be back for more in 2015.

WAAC Hits the Presses

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Wargamers All Against Cancer hit the Sheffield Live website today interviewing our very own Dave Wilkinson – aka @Docbungle. Aside from wargamers actually getting some good PR for a change (despite the journalist getting the name of the event consistently wrong) it’s so good to see everyone involved getting some well deserved recognition for their efforts, and the charity drive getting even more exposure.

I’m incredibly proud of Dave for how hard he’s worked and for how he’s tackled a very difficult and sad time. I can’t say I would act with half the strength, dignity and determination that he has and I’m lucky to call him a friend. I’m only sorry I couldn’t have been more involved – personal circumstances being what they were – but I hope, should the event repeat itself, I can help in the future.

Anyway, take a look at the video and if you’re…

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Britcon – Games 4 – 6

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At this point I have to apologise to Tim, Richard and Gavin. I did mean to get their reports up much sooner and my memory isn’t what it once was. So here are briefer reports than even the ones that went before!

Game Four – Tim – Saim Hann

Game four is when the marathon feeling to Britcon really kicks in so no the ideal time to face up to Tim, top table regular fielding a WE killer list!

I went into full on hiding mode in this game again, with my bts only sticking its nose out slightly on one turn, and getting a hierodule shot up for its trouble!

The game was a very cagey affair, I couldn’t do enough harm to Tim, and Tim failed too many activations to really push into a winning position.

After four turns it was a draw, with the points advantage firmly in Tim’s favour.

Game Five – Richard – Death Korps of Krieg

So after another poor nights sleep I was up against the current championship leader, with an army that crushes all before it beneath its 4+ RA treads!

Ok, I may be a little jaded as I’ve faced of against Krieg at all the events I’ve been to this year, and only killed one bloody gorgon! The things just won’t die.

So once again I turtled up and played the game super defensive, which isn’t a winning strategy with nids in truth. I tried all I could to deny Richard a win in the third turn but with my swarms evaporating, and his warhounds surviving the game pretty much unharmed I couldn’t so a tow nil win went to Richard.

Game Six – Gavin – Biel Tan

Gavin’s list was another that I really didn’t like the look of. Two sets of Revenants backed up by Falcons and Wave Serpent assault it looked pretty formidable. So once more I hid away my BTS on my blitz and hoped to force a draw, or sneak a win if I could. Gavin played really cautious too, knowing he could break out and win if he could keep enough of his stuff unbroken.

There was one piece of outrageous dice luck for me in this game. Gavin’s massive Aspect formation, supported by a formation of falcons elected to assault one of my harridan’s having killed a gargoyle to prepare it with a blast marker. I roll my dice to hit. 3 at 6+ from gargoyles… all hit. 3 at 5+ from the Harridan… all hit. Gavin had had to move the aspects into the ruins the harridan was hiding to make the engage happen so they had to take the hits.. and 3 die.

So coming back Gavin hits 6 times (it think). So the gargoyles need 3 saves at 4+… all pass. Harridan 3 saves at RA 5+… all save. Hmmm…. Falcons get support and do about 3 hits, which again I save every one. So the resolution dice are rolled with the nid’s on pluses… again I roll high and win, leaving just the shocked transports to run away and hide!

However as the game played out this stupendous run of dice where I rolled six after six came back to haunt me. Gavin couldn’t force the win in turn three, and after turn four had played out I had four broken formations in Gavin’s half, needing one to rally to deny him they shall not pass and make the game a draw. So that was 5 chances needing 4+… and the dice said no, giving the game two nil to Gavin.

Sadly after the event Gavin and I discovered the list he used wasn’t the one he submitted, and was on formation over the points limit. Gavin immediately agreed the penalty should be to move him to last place, kudos to him for accepting this penalty over what was an honest error on his part.

So overall 2 wins, 2 draws, and 2 loses saw me third (fourth till Gavin’s error was discovered.