BHGS Challenge

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Last weekend saw Epic join another of the big three events run by the BHGS, The Challenge.

This was a two day event run at the Wheatley campus of Oxford Brookes University. The venue was pretty good, though an extra inch or so between rows would have been ideal, and the air con keeping one spot cool and not circulating air was odd. On site Starbucks (other coffee brands are available) kept the caffeine levels high, which was nice :)

The tournament itself was a two day, five game, three thousand point affair, with ten players signed up.

I did think about taking marines, then remembered I suck playing them. Briefly considered black legion, but as that meant painting a few predators I went with the lazy option and took nids :)

My list can be seen here. Two dominatrix at three thousand points may seem excessive, but I like how they play, and you can be semi aggressive with one and still retain you supreme commander re-roll.

Games One – Marcus H – Codex Marines.

If Marcus hadn’t had bad luck, he’d have had no luck at all! Some of the worst dice I’ve seen rolled at a tournament, and I’ve seen some pretty horrid ones from my side of the table! Marcus hadn’t played nids before, and did seem to react in the classic way and end up cornered by the nids. Then the combined lack of hits when attacking, and saves when defending saw his force whittled away and the nids secured a 4-0 win in three turns.

Game Two – Kevin B – Codex Marines.

Nose bleed time as I’m on table one, facing more marines. Sadly I can’t remember too many details of this one other than it was a total blood bath. By the end both sides had very little left on the table but I managed to squeak a 2-1 win. It’s amazing just how hard it can be to kill marine scouts!

Game Three – Dave T – Codex Marines.

So game three saw me play the final available marine army! My nids were 90% cerametal by now but my opponent refused to allow me a 6+ armour save for the guants… meanie :)

This game was pretty cagey, though the Dice of Dave came out early and his attack bike formation made more saves than I like to see. I played a pretty cagey game trying to kill thunderhawks once they landed but didn’t manage it. Neither side could find a way to win the game in four turns so it ended in a draw. Draws for nids normally see them on the losing side of the points divide and this was no exception.

So at the end of day one I sat in joint second, on equal points with Dave T… odd feeling for me I can tell you!

Game Four – Mark P – AMTL.

Mark’s AMTL list was one I actually thought the nids stood a reasonable chance against, with only 4 titans and two of them warhounds. I played it super safe with my BTS dominatrix hiding on my blitz for the game, but I felt ok about it as that denied Mark two objectives without over committing himself. The game saw one of the most ineffective assaults I’ve seen. 8 robots charged into some ruins to engage 6 genestealers in a FF. Four tripped up and wrecked themselves on the way in, they failed to kill a single stealer, lost the combat by 3 and the lone surviving robot trashed itself as it retreated from the combat! Go Steealers! (Gene, not Pittsburgh). I’d pushed up to hard turn one in truth and just didn’t have enough swarms left to break the titans, let alone kill one so the game ended in another draw.

Game Five – Richard L – Death krops of krieg.

Before the event there were two list I really didn’t think I matched up well too, this one and Tim H’s. The Krieg list matches mine for speed with the advantage of 4+ RA bullet catching transports. I made big errors in turn two when I won the initiative and assaulted a gorgon formation with a lone harridan, which went really badly wrong, though on reflection it was always going to. I had meant to hammer one of the light formations but got swept up in what seemed a good idea at the time! That said Richard made more saves than average on his gorgons, and in may ways I was lucky to escape with only a 2-0 loss in turn 3.

When all the games were done I’d managed to slip into my more normal position of mid table obscurity and finished fifth out of ten. The dual dominatrix is ok, but at this point level it does leave you equal on activations with other armies, and that isn’t the ideal situation for the nids as you lose formations pretty rapidly. With the introduction of AMTL I think two trygon formations may have been a better investment to give the list some “teleporting” deep threat, and I may have to get the paint out before Britcon.

Richard took the win, with Dave T second and Tim H third. Full results here, and the few pictures I took can be viewed here.

Five great games over the weekend, and it was good to see Sam and Marcus back at an Epic event again. Next up for me is either Leicester or Roll Call, but Roll Call looking more likely, either way I won’t take nids in an attempt to force me to paint some other epic stuff for once!

Thanks to Tim and the BHGS for allowing Epic into their event, we certainly hope to be back next year.

Wow, it’s March already!

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Well doesn’t time fly!

Done a bit of gaming since I last posted.

The famed Necromunda campaign has failed to get off the ground as it has been impossible to get 4 gamers in the same room since January. That said we have all created gangs, and PaulS found a rather good website that allows you to track such things. It’s called Yakromunda, though as I’m writing it’s down in the process of migrating to a new domain so it seems… more news on that to follow then!

PaulS and I are off to a a one day Warmachine/Hordes event run by the Daventry vaulters on Sunday. 15 points round robin with up to 7 games in the day! Should be a giggle, though we did play some test games with 15 min deathclock as the tournament called for 30 mins game and found it tricky. The schedule has changed so its the standard 20 min death clock now and I think games will be won or lost without one side clocking out now. I’ll be packing Absy, pThags, pLyl and Bethayne. Have to use each list at least once.

Payed a visit to the Tanelorn club last weekend and Innskip ran me and RobP through a game of Deadzone, Mantic games sci-fi skirmish offering. It’s an interesting game played on a 2′x2′ mat divided into squares. which are used for measuring movement and ranges etc. I enjoyed the game, some interesting abstractions and a pretty slick mechanic for shooting and combat. If I’m honest the game and the models didn’t grab me. The terrain however is top notch and would be perfect for Necromunda… oh dear.

The other game I’ve been playing is the test version of a game called Guild Ball (GB). GB is a fantasy football (soccer) game played on the tabletop rather than a board pitch and pits 6 players against each other in a rugby/football cross. Each team is trying to score 3 goals, or take all the opposition players off the pitch.

It’s up on kickstarter, doing well with 15 days to run as I write –

I have to say after reading the rules, listening to various podcast’s by the creators I’m sold, and have backed it heavily. The first test game Boomer and I played had plenty of ‘light bulb’ moments as we worked out how the players are meant to interact, and how the core rules blend with the players extra abilities to make the game both quick to play, yet deep enough to keep you interested. Even with 2 players left on one side they had a chance to win, not a good one but a chance!

Another game of GB tonight with updated rules. I shall report more on that sooner rather than later :)

Painting I hear you ask? Haven’t done any, so stop asking ;)

It’s not dead!

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Well it’s been a while, and in truth I’ve not been that active in gaming.

Last November I did attend the Epic-UK GT, placing 7th out of 16, but I did manage to win the roll off for most sporting, which is nice as I nabbed one of stugmeister’s prints finally

After that played in the epic refight of the siege of terra. A great day out that once again shows what you can achieve with epic when you put your mind to it. This thread has details –

This year has seen the second round of the home BB league, with my ‘flings suffering their second defeat, fun though.

Innskip and I took another ancient rule set for a spin this past weekend in the form of Impetus. I played the basic version a few years ago and I have to say after a few rules look up the game plays fast, gives a good feel for ancient warfare (IMO of course) and is over in around 90 mins allowing for multiple games in one session. Perfect and will be played again for sure.


Friday will see the return of a game I rarely play, necromunda. Boomer wants to play a sci-if campaign game and my local gamers agreed, and caved into my one niggle with the game, recovery. It bugs me that it comes as the final step of the turn, often forcing gangers to stand in the open asking to be shot again! Fortunately we will apply the mordheim fix, and move recovery to the start of a players turn!