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As you have come to expect from a gig run by the players for the players, we want to make the data from the event as accessible as possible.

With 750 games played in the team tournament alone, below are some of those results. However, as we have been amazed with the sort of things the community can come up with, we also want to make the results from all past WTCs available to you. You can download the file in CSV format here. Enjoy, and do share!

PS: Have a look at the victory conditions per team. Finland Blue lost only one of their 10 lost games on scenario, and amazingly nobody on Australia Wombat lost even a single game on scenario all tournament. Neither team ever clocked out. I think there might be a clue there for teams looking to do well next year :)






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gw-rules-bannerI leave the hobby alone for five minutes!

A lot has changed during my hiatus. There’s bat shit crazy amounts of new stuff for X-Wing. There’s whole new armies for 40k and yet more re-released rulebooks. Spartan Games has landed a Halo fleet game (soooo getting that!) and it seems the entire Warhammer World has been destroyed. Careless.

Now I must be honest, I wasn’t living in a hole in the ground, I was aware that 9th Edition Warhammer was looming. I was also aware of the End Times books and the bonkers models but as I couldn’t give it any time I didn’t give it any thought. Oh what a mistake that was. It was a mistake because 9th Edition Warhammer isn’t 9th Edition anything. Warhammer ended with 8th Edition. Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, 1st Edition, however has been unleashed on an unsuspecting world. Well I was unsuspecting so…

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Now we move onto Mercury, the fire man


Mercury is pretty fast for a midfielder. average TAC, but above standard KICK with average DEF and a point of armour, like his co-midfielder Calculus. INF is perfectly average too.

Character Traits

Burning Spirit – Move up to Mercury, or start your activation within an inch and you’ll be burning.

Tactical Advice [Flask] – If he is within 4″ of Flask in the maintenance phase he gains an INF bonus.


Nothing too exciting here, only two momentous results but and early tackle is handy sometimes.


Fire Blast– Costs 2 INF, RNG 8″, AOE 3″ Neat play that not only deals two damage, but also sets models hit on fire (burning condition for the rules peeps out there!). Also if other models end or move through the AOE they gain burning too. Handy to slow down those enemies.


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