The way of the hoarder…

Posted: October 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Many the time I’ve said to myself, self, it’s time to have a clear out.

So if I take a scan of the shelves next to my computer I see figures for :-

40K, Warmachine, Hordes, Force on Force/Ambush Alley, Saga, Necromunda,
28mm WWII, 15mm WWII, Epic A, Dystopian Wars, Inquisitor, Lord of the Rings,
Blood Bowl, Relic Knights, 10mm Ancients, 28mm Ancients, Guild Ball & Malifaux.

Some painted, more not! And that’s without opening the drawers… I think I might have to accept I have a problem!

Of the above list I’ve played six of the games listed this year, and some of those only once or twice. In fact the Rohan have seen more action as faux Normans in Saga since I purchased them.

Some of the models have seen play at varying stages of my magpie gaming life, though rarely have any been a staple that stay for any length of time. Surely I should be able to let them go without a second thought?

Don’t get me wrong, I have parted with various things over the years, I’ve even sold off painted Epic forces, dropped 6mm and 10mm WWII collections entirely. Yet more stuff creeps in to fill the void they leave.

Then there was Malifaux, I got frustrated with the game early into it’s 1.5 incarnation and sold out, models cards the lot. Then listening to certain podcasts lured me back, and I know have three masters when I only had one the first time round!

I guess I just assume that as soon as I sell on X, it will be the next thing I really want to play, and are they really doing any harm sitting up there gathering dust?

So sell or box and hide away? It’s a question that really has no answer, but it’s a fun way to procrastinate away time I could have used to paint!



So Autumn….

Posted: September 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

Really, Feb was the last post….. whoops!

It has actually been a reasonably busy gaming wise since the last update. I’ve played plenty of Guildball, both at events and casually at home. Played some mk III warmachine, both with Legion and started to dabble a bit in warmachine as I picked up a Retribution starter. Played some Epic, both at the Tanelorn club and at Britcon, still my favourite event, thought Smogcon comes close now.

Recently local gamer Boomer and I sparked the WWII interest and we are four games into learning the Battlegroup rules, using the Overlord book to fight battles in Normandy.

I’ve owned the rules since they came out after the demise of Warhammer Historical ended the Kampfgruppe Normandy rules. They combine fast play with plenty of depth to give a really good feel for combined arms conflict on the table top. Lots of fun and a campaign based around the capture of Caen is on the cards.

Painting wise it’s not been good when I consider the 183 in 365 challenge. I’m currently sitting at 38 new models painted. So way behind.

That said the latest ten men are one section of Para’s for WWII. I’m playing this in 15mm to they painted up pretty quickly, and as I’ve finally unboxed and undercoated the Infantry company I had from Plastic Soldier company, that number could grow rapidly. Could, yes I know me and painting. I am really enjoying the game though, I’m building models I’ve had in boxes for years and want to get them on the table.

So watch this space, hope to blog much more regularly. Yeah, yeah…. said that before!

Smogcon 2016

Posted: February 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

So this time last week I was in the middle of my final game of Smogcon 2016.

Now I didn’t go mad like some did there, I played six games of the weekend. Now that might not seem like many but I was fine with it.

Like last year I wanted to play with painted models only at Smogcon, and my prep the week before went less well than expected so having arrived and checked in I went to my room to paint. Sure I could have found the open area and painted, but I didn’t want an audience for my low average painting skills. Three hours later I had my Warspears + UA, min Swordmen +UA and two min Warmonger units all done and washed, just the basing to go. Sand was applied mid afternoon, and the wash before dinner. That left the black edging when back from the pub and LOS markings before breakfast. All so I could play Rhyas on Saturday fully painted.

Friday afternoon I managed to get in a fun game with @blackear77. We played 35 points in tier, and I took pAbsy. Was a fun game, that I was going to win on scenario when the red mist settled in and I took a risky assassination run on eBaldur. Fortunately it all went well and the circle caster bit the dust. The rest of the day, other than painting bursts, was spent chatting then a pleasant evening meal in the local pub.

Saturday I got up early and headed down to the play in the Blood, Sweat and Tiers tournament. Twelve players signed up out of an allocated 32. We all agreed to play four rounds and no one dropped out to their credit.

It was one thirty five point list, with a tier one limit for any theme force. Have to say I think it should have been tier two minimum. Tier one allows many casters to take a list they would have done in any game. But hey, who am I to dictate such things🙂

I managed to win my first game against Dr Arkadius and his hoard of pigs. I managed to assassinate the Dr, though I didn’t think I was in the game at the start. Game two was a loss against Bethayne and all the Hellion riders! He had five riders. I was never really in this game, my list just didn’t match up well at all. Game three was another loss against pCaine with a Stormwall. I got ahead on CP’s but way behind on attrition so lost out in the end. We both agreed the game may have been quite different had I got to go first as my entire army would have had stealth turn one. Final game was against Thyron, the latest Retribution caster. I lost the game, though had I read my cards better I think I’d have won the game as I lost a charging Swordman Champion to a free strike he was probably immune to. Shame but lessons learnt.

So overall I went 1-3. Was a really fun days gaming, with all my opponents playing in the spirit of the tournament. I like Rhyas in theme a lot. It confuses people when they see a legion infantry hoard and only one heavy across the table. I really don’t mind she isn’t the best caster out there, I enjoy playing her so will most likely just carry on. After the gaming it was off the pub for dinner… and I didn’t leave for a good few hours! Fun night chatting with the @tanelornwgc guys.

Sunday… surprisingly I wasn’t feeling to bad! I had breakfast then found Jay from @tanelornwgclub to get a final game in. I’ve never managed to play him before so we played a 50 point game. I took Rhyas and did break my ‘all painted’ rule as I had to make my swordsmen a full unit and added in a Warmonger warchief. All the unpainted stuff was removed by turn two so it was all good. I won the game when Jay made an error in placement and left his wounded caster within eight inches of Typhon who had to forfeit his movement or action next turn.

So overall at Smogcon I went 3-3. Happy days.

I think one of the most interesting aspects of the Smogcon weekend was that many of the tournaments didn’t play at max numbers, and that the casual play areas were full or nearly full every time I wandered around the event. I think this is what makes Smogcon such a special event in the calendar, and why it’s one I plan to keep on returning too. There are plenty of normal tournaments across the year, but only one event that has so many casual players wandering around to get a game. This includes Privateer Press staff, and one of the @tanelornwgclub crew played Jason Soles on Sunday, almost by accident🙂. This format may not work for other games systems, and I guess it only works with 400+ gamers gathered in one place.

So that’s 2016 in the bank, I’m already thinking about 2017 and what caster to take (yes, it takes that long for me to paint!), Maybe sleigh Lylyth, eAbsy, eThags or any of the others I have… fun times list planning ahead.