2009 – The project list

Posted: May 15, 2009 in Ambush Alley, Epic Armageddon, Trafalgar

OK, so its May and normally this kinda thing is done in Jan.

I really struggle to get painting modelling projects started never mind finished without some pressure of a deadline. So which bits of the lead/plastic mountain will get attention in what’s left of the year!

Project 1 – Epic Armageddon Orks. Since I started attending tournaments I’ve normally managed to add one race to my collection each year. Last year my guard got painted. This year will be orks. I’ve manage to buy, ebay and trade enough stuff for 3000 point force now so the aim is to have a tournament army ready by September/October.

Project 2 – Ambush Alley. This project is all new. I saw some figures for a modern skirmish game, got interested and before you know it I’ve got a small british force in 20mm! Some insurgents are on order and I’ve got some paper building template to make terrrain. I suspect this will run and run but I aim to have both sides ready for play in July, and I will bring them to Britcon for some pre tournament fun.

Project 3 – Epic Armageddon Space Marines. My initial army of marines wasn’t the best painted so late last year I stripped some, bought some other bits and repainted enough for 3000 points. I’ve got another 1000 or so points half painted and I may strip more of my old stuff to match the new army. No real deadline for this but I’d like to have it done before December.

Project 4 – Trafalgar Fleet. I picked up a starter pack from Magister Militum (Hallmark ships at 1/2400th scale). With 14 ships or all rates I have enough to provide both sides for a game. At this scale I don’t mind if people point out that its blue on blue! Again no real deadline for this but December seems as good as any!

After that I have plenty of epic stuff to paint for Eldar, Chaos and Guard to keep me busy!


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