Gaming Day – Warhammer World 16th May.

Posted: May 17, 2009 in Epic Armageddon

As I couldn’t make it up to the WPS club challenge this year, I decided to take opportunity of having the date on the calendar to get some Epic Armageddon gaming in.

I convinced Steve54 of the Tac Comm forum and Epic UK fame to book some tables at Games Workshops Warhammer World and 5 players managed to make it up for some games.

I started the day using an aspect heavy eldar army against Steve54’s iron warriors. It was a bloody game, which my air assaulting aspects refused to join until turn 3, when it was in truth too late. Steve54 took the game 3-0 in 3 turns.

Next up was thePhantom playing orks. I randomly determined what force to take (I’d taken 4 armies with me) and the roll came up as chaos. I used my list from Open War XI. The game didn’t go well for the orks. The ork army had 12 activations, but most of them were small sized mobs. Things went well for the forces of chaos. Orks formations were broken regualary and they never rallied. The game ended in a 2-0 win for me in 3 turns.

My last game was against dtpdexys using a ‘nice’ guard army. Well, it had 2 baneblades and only one warhound so I guess that counts as nice! I decided to take marines in this game and used my list from Full scale assault. This game was a real slugfest with both sides suffering massive casualties. No winner could be found in 4 turns and with no 5th turn to be played it came down to points. The marines took this by about 300 points so a winning draw to me.

Thanks to Steve54, Dptdexys, thePhantom and Gary for an enjoyable days Epic Armageddon gaming.


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