A busy weekend of gaming.

Posted: June 9, 2009 in Baccus, FOG, Steel Legion, Tactical Command, Tau, Vassal

Well the past weekend was a busy time with games. Lucky me.

First up on Friday evening I played a game of epic using the Vassal40K epic mod against Clausewitz of the Tactical Command forums. A very cagey game between Tau and Marines. Full batrep to come but if you can’t wait the game ended in a 2-0 win to the marines as the Tau were just to timid in this game.

Next up was some Field of Glory action. This game was between Principate Romans and Anctient Britons, using 6mm models supplied by Baccus. My previous games with FOG have been using 28mm figures and to be honest I much prefer the mass effect the smaller men produce. The game went well for the Romans, who steadily beat down the Britons before their main lines of warband made contact. The more I play FOG the more I like it and I think it will become my ancient game of choice over both WAB and WMA.

Sunday evening saw me back on Vassal to face up to Hena once again. This time I was trying his Scion of Iron tank base marine list and was up against a pretty normal steel legion army. Earlier in the week Hena and I had played one turn of an epic game after which I conceded. Hena’s orc’s had flattened my first attempt at a scion’s list in one turn of action and I saw no point in playing any more turns as defeat was assured. We have only played one turn so far, but the game is much more in the balance. This is the major bonus of using Vassal. Not only can I game against a man in Finland, but we can break at any point and pick-up the game again without leaving models on a table!

Finally last night was back to real life epic against my regular black legion opponent. I’m going to use steel legion at the forth coming London tournament so I thought it best to get some games in with the guard. 4 turns of hard fighting saw the game end in a draw. Points were checked and with only 100 in it a straight draw was the outcome.

The rest of the week should see Hena and I finish our game and I can then get the 3 batrep’s done that are all pending!


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