London 09 – Epic Armageddon Tournament

Posted: July 5, 2009 in Epic Armageddon, Exodus Wars

Once again 16 players arrived at the unique venue that is the Cock tavern in London. For this tournament i’d decided to use steel legion. My list can be seen here.

Game 1 Mark Williams – Biel Tann

I played against Mark’s eldar twice at last years gw gt and knew what it was all about, rolling assaults led by the warlock titan. In theory my force should match up quite well with good defensive fire from the infantry copanies discouraging early engagements. However poor deployment and a series of failed activations saw my forces sitting back too far. A sacrificial move by my supreme commander tied up the warlock two turns but ulimately I was too static and mark won 3 -0 in 3 turns.

So defeat I ame one. Not the ideal start, but ensured I wouldn’t be meeting any of the tournament big guns.

Game 2 Chris Steel – Codex Marines
In a shock move chris hadn’t brought orks! But too ease the transition his marines were green, and nicely painted to. The game was a pretty cagey afair. I’d garrisoned one of my infantry companies further forward this time and Chris spent quite a lot of energy trying to dislogde it. After 4 turns or hard fighting neither side had managed to push forward for the win. When the points were totalled up Chris had managed to take a winning draw from the game.

Draw, albiet a losing one. Things are getting better!

Game 3 Tom Webb – Steel Legion
Tom is the owner of Exodus Wars, purfeyor of fine 6mm science fiction minatures. His proxied steel legion army included some of the very nice new main battle tanks soon to be on sale. The game can probably be summed up in the deul between two shadowswords. Fisrt Tom’s company moved forward and the shadowsword hit my shadowsword for one point of damage! Later in my turn my shadowsword tagetted the enemy shadowsword, for one point of damage! Turn two would surely see this battle resovled. No. Once again both sides hit the target but only score one point of damage! The battle was resolved in turn 3 when I went first and finally killed the enemy super heavy by doing, yes one point of damage!

I won this game 3-0 but Tom said he had learnt plenty during the tournament and now had a deep respect for atilltery!

So 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss saw me finish 9th out of the 16.

Thanks to Ginger and the guys of the Central London Wargames Club for another fun tournament.


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