Epic rush.

Posted: July 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well in the last week I’ve managed to fit in 3 games of Epic at 4,000 points.

All this is in anticipation of Britcon in the middle of August. This tournament is played over 3 days and as time is less of an issue than normal it allows lists at 4,000 points.

I’m still not sure what to take so I played twice with Eldar and once with Black Legion.

First game was against Paul who was using his guard. I’m not going to post list as 1) It was a early test for one of his potential Britcon list and 2) i didn’t write it down!
My list was a Biel Tann themed list with plenty of aspect hosts mixed in with various tank formations.
The game did not go well. I last the initiative in the first turn. No real hardship and by end of the turn I was setup ready to crush the guard turn two as long as I win initiative.
Eldar are +2 on the roll off for initiative vs Guard, and in the event of a tie the player that lost last turn goes first. So with my army in position to hit hard the dice were rolled and …. I lost again! This allowed Paul to destroy my formations in position to hit and consolidated his position.
I was behind and had to take a risk to position ready for the 3rd turn and hope I won the initiative.
Guess what? I lost the initiative again!
Paul mopped up and the game was over.

Game 2 was against Gary and his orks. I used a different Eldar list that is based around guardian hosts upgraded with wraithguard coming out of webway gates. This game was pretty close but a number of blown activations saw my army beaten down in 3 turns for a narrow lose. The unusually part of this game was both my Phantom titan and his gargant were destroyed. Rare you see both sides large titans taken down.

Game 3 was another test game vs Paul and I tried a Black Legion list. In this game I won the first turn initiative only for my spaceship to fail to activate on a 2+ even after using the supreme commander reroll! This left me at a big activation disadvantage and Paul basically worked hard to kill easy formations before they could hit him. I’d kept my chosen off board turn one and had planned to bring them on turn 2. With the spaceship failure I decided to keep them for turn 3. Second turn I lost the initiative, again when I had +2 on the roll off! When my spaceship did turn up I went for a risky move and dropped my retinue and forlorn hope into position to assault Paul’s leman russes. Unfortunately overwatch fire out performed itself and my troops were destroyed before they got to activate. Turn 3 initiative was yet another loss and it was after rolling the dice I realised I still hadn’t dropped my chosen! Arrrgggh, totally stupid but as I’m in tourney practice mode they stayed off board and Paul easily moved in to win the game.

So 3 games and 3 losses with decidedly average dice! Still better to have that now than at the tournament itself.


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