More gaming.

Posted: July 30, 2009 in Ambush Alley, Epic Armageddon, Tactical Command, Vassal

Since my last post I’ve managed to fit in some more gaming.

First up was another online vassal battle vs Clausewitz testing the current Epic Tau list. A full batrep can be read here. The long and the short of it was that Clausewitz suffered some very bad dice early on and never got a chance to recover.

At the weekend a friend came up to play our first games of Ambush Alley. This is a squad level game between regular and insurgent forces. The games played pretty quickly and with only a few minor rules kinks to work through. We played 3 games with the insurgents getting the better of the regulars in 2 of the games. Looking forward to getting in more of these games.

Final game was another 4000 point Epic game in the run up to britcon. As both of us were trying out potential lists for the tournament I won’t go into details but my dice were are lot more average in this game and I managed a win 3-0 in 3 turns.

Not done any painting but as I have a couple of bits to get ready for Britcon I may get around to doing some more stuff as well.


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