Britcon Eve

Posted: August 13, 2009 in BHGS, Bloodbowl, Britcon, Epic Armageddon, Vassal

Well the big tournament of the year is nearly upon us.

Britcon, the British Historical Wargames Societies biggest annual competition, will see 266 wargamers compete over 12 different game periods this weekend at Manchester University. Not only that but there are a good number of wargames traders on hand and its open to the public.

For the Epic Armageddon Britcon gives you the chance to play at 4000 points, an extra 1000 points on normal tournaments. This is due to the fact that 1 game gets played Friday evening, 3 Saturday and 2 Sunday giving 3 hours per game. Games start before 09:00 each weekend day so its not for the faint hearted!

I look forward to Britcon each year more than any other tournament. The campus location, bigger games, more time and beer close by all make for a great atmosphere!

Since posting last I managed to get in a real life game of Bloodbowl against a local gamer with the tag Boomer. Fun game with Boomer’s orks holding on to a draw against my Pro Elves. This game has rekindled my interest in BB, but not for playing in my local GW truth be told.

I also got another vassal game of Epic against Clausewitz. This time he used the titan legion list to test out some theories. Batrep can be seen here

Stand by for a post Britcon review next week.


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