Posted: August 17, 2009 in BHGS, Britcon, Epic Armageddon, Epic UK

Well the marathon weekend that is Britcon has once again come to close. Six 4000 point games across 3 days has, as usual, left me tired but happy. 15 players competed across the weekend with 2 gents stepping in a the last minute to replace one player who had to drop out. Many thanks to Hello_Dave and Stompzilla from Flame On for filling in and giving everyone a game rather than a bye.

Britcon is my favourite tournament of the year. The mix of bigger games with an extra hour, the on campus setting and the fact that I don’t drive but get the train! It all makes for a great atmosphere with a great bunch of competitors.

The results and lists can be seen here for those who don’t want to read through my game by game breakdown!

My list was Black Legion – Basically an infantry heavy force backed up by some war engines and daemons for the assault punch.

Game One – Matt Arnold – Orks.
Orks right out the gate was not a match up I really fancied. My list doesn’t have all that much titan killing ability and the Great Gargant is generally considered to be the hardest to kill, especially when Matt rolls and gets 11 power fields, however his Supa Stompa made up for this by only generating one power field. I can’t remember too many specifics of the game, I know my spaceship barrage hit and killed a couple of gunwagons (always a bonus!) and the pin point attack was disappointing by only removing the supa stompa’s powerfield. Throughout the game I only made half hearted attempts at the gargant and by the end it was shieldless but not heavily damaged.
The game ended 2-1 to Matt in 3 turns, but I can’t remember what goals other than we both had take and hold. Matt must have claimed either blitz or BTS.

Game Two – Gavin McKenzie – Biel Tan
Gavin always likes to bring a different list. This years attempt was a a high activation eldar army. He basically setup in 4 big blocks ready to assault. I played corners to a) limit his deployment options and b) force some of the troops to move larger distances. Turn one saw a lot of manoeuvring by both forces with Gavin ending up herded in the centre of the battlefield, but little damage done to either side. Turn two changed all that with some massive engagements lead by guardians and shinning spears. Now Gavin is legendary with his dice. He can always roll 1’s at the worst possible time and more than one of his assault went badly wrong with his dice betraying him! However time was now getting tight (3.5 hours is the limit) and despite playing turn 3 at breakneck speed neither side could force a result. So the game ended in a draw. Had Gavin’s luck held slightly he probably would have worn my force down but in truth I was in a much stronger position when time expired.

Game Three – Matt Otter – Black Templars
The theme for this game was simple, I didn’t roll more than a 3 on any dice pretty much every time a dice was rolled! Now that may sound like sour grapes but when your opponent pretty much states half way through the game that I should go and buy new dice now you know its not going well! Matt chose to play corners (No surprise, he is not know as “Corners Otter” for nothing! Then systematically went about destroying my army. I’ve wiped this sorry excuse for game from my mind. Matt won 3-0 in 3 turns.

Game Four – Chris Steel – Orks
So back to Orks and another massive Gargant. In this game my dice had obviously heard about their impending replacement and decided to change my mind! As bad as the last game had been this game went in the other direction and nothing could go wrong. In contrast Chris’s dice were well below average and his army was largly destroyed in order as he tried to press forward, as orks must do. Even with 10 power fields at the start of play the gargant was left at the end of turn 3 with only 2 damage points left and on fire, with the rest of the ork army in bits. I won the game 4-0 in 3 turns.

That brought us to the end of Saturday night. The pub quiz followed, were Team Epic maintained their position of mid table mediocrity.

Game Five – Glyn Green – Biel Tan
Briton was Glyn’s first tournament and he was doing well. His army was a solid list and the game was a pretty cagey affair with me finally pressing forward as my army was meant too! With both sides manoeuvring to get the best out of their formations and with hard decisions on both sides we once again ran out of time with the game balanced at 1-1 in the third turn. It was a really close game that could have gone either way in the 4th turn.

Game Six – Darren Allen – Black legion
So my final game saw a match up of the dark powers to see which faction could claim supremacy, would Slaanesh defeat a Khorne and Tzeentch alliance? This was one of the quickest games of 4,000 points I have ever played. As both players were pretty familiar with what the black legion can do, formations were normally hit until they folded! The game started on a dark note for me when my spaceship refused to activate, even with my re roll! It was worse as it couldn’t appear on turn 2 as Darren had a spaceship plotted for then and wouldn’t arrive until turn 3. The next two turns went better for me than Darren as I not only won the initiative all 3 turns but got bonus daemons once, while Darren lost daemons twice! Even the failure of the spaceship turned out well as when it did activate it destroyed the enemy death wheel that had been damaged by shooting during the game. The game ended in a 2-0 win to me.

So 6 games resulted in 2 wins, 2 loses and 2 draws and 6th place, which was better than I expected after game 3.

Thanks to everyone that attended for making this yet again a truly epic weekend of gaming and to the BHGS for running yet another smooth tournament.


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