Into the Breach – Tournament Report.

Posted: September 16, 2009 in Epic Armageddon, Epic UK

The past weekend saw the latest Epic Armageddon tournament, held in GW Wakefield and run by the ever present Epic-UK team.

To bolster my standings in the mid table of the championship I decided to take an Eldar force. For a bit of a change I took my eldar painted for Ulthwe even though I have to use the Biel Tan list for now.

My list can be seen here.
The basic plan is for the Shinning spears and the large guardian formations to deploy via wraith gates with the wave serpent guardians moving forward supported by the jet bikes. With plenty of AA I wasn’t too fearful of air assaulting armies.

Game 1 – Tim Hunt – Ghazghkull Warhorde.

Now having said I wasn’t too fearful of air assaulting armies I initially didn’t fancy Tim’s army much. I set-up with one jet bike formation wide hoping Tim would hit them and allow me to react.
I won the initiative turn one and my vampire used its long range to hit one of the big blitz brigades, 4 hits killed 4 tanks breaking them. They then failed to rally until turn 4 when the vampire broke them again! I also got the nightwings on CAP nice and early. Tim took my bait and his first air assault went into the wide bikes. After combat Tim was at +3 but threw snake eyes and lost the assault! To add insult to this injury the jet bikes then engaged the remaining broken boyz’s and wiped them out. Tims next air assault was into the heart of my AA, but fearing the worst I decided to intercept the landa with my nightwings. 1 critical later and it was raining orks!
The game continued with some poor dice for Tim but as Eldar armies tend to mine was dying pretty fast as the orks pressed forward in an attempt to get to grips with the eldar.
End of turn 3 I nearly lost the game when I forgot to get a formation in Tim’s half as I was concentrating on holding all mine, and having no unbroken ork formations in my half. Luckily Tim failed to rally the orks I managed to claim a 2-0 win in 4 turns.
Really tight game and the first time I’ve beaten Tim.

Game 2 – Joe Jephson – Biel Tan

So with a win in my first game I was up in the unusual position of table 2! Joe took one look at all my flak and decided to not air assault his 2 aspect formation but put them in the wraithgate. Turn one say him barrage both my Falcons and Fire prisms to death leaving me with little AA and low on activations. In fact in two attempts to attack one of the void spinners with my Vampire (it refused to come on turn 2) I only managed to place 2 damage points on one, so the could fire every turn. This, and Joe’s highly effective play meant I was never really in the game and he took the game 2-0 in 3 turns.

Game 3 – Nathan Hoole – Biel Tan

So Tim, Joe and Nathan – 3 of the top Epic players in one day! This game was probably closer than I thought it was going to be and had Nathan’s dice been better for his void spinner, which twice hit the fire prisms for no damage, I would have lost bigger and sooner. However the game ground on for 4 turns with Nathan winning 2-0 in 4.

Game 4 – Ryan Downes – Ghazghkull Warhorde

Ryan won the players choice for best painted and totally deserved it in my opinion. He not only continues to paint stunning armies but is a tough opponent on the games table too. Mid way through this game I came to the conclusion that my army quite likes taking on orks as they have to come forward towards me and then I can counter attack at will. Concious of getting trapped in my own half I ensured on formation of jet bikes went deep into the ork half turn one to hang around threatening one of the objectives and in rang of the blitz should the big guns ever go off overwatch! Once again I could use my air power to pick at the short ranged AA of the orks.
The game was really close going into the end of the 3rd turn when Ryan made a mistake, he moved his big mob off of one objective to prepare to attack the blitz turn 4. Unfortunately I had just enough formations left to break the stompa mob and then move my shinning spears to claim 2 objectives and give me a 2-0 win in 3 turns.

Game 5 – Dave Thomas – Steel Legion
My final game saw we up against Dave Thomas, still to loose a game of tournament Epic this year (He drew a lot of games this tournament, but no loss on objectives). This was the most frustrating game by far. I got myself into positions to do damage to Dave’s forces on 3 occasions, only for my dice to refuse to co-operate. Now I know this is an often used excuse but hear me out. When you roll 8 dice needing 5+ and 10 dice needing 4+ I’d expect to hit with more than 3! Then Dave had the temerity to save one of the hits! The other 2 assault were similarly frustrating. It was very much damage limitation in the end and holding Dave to a 3-0 loss in 4 turns was all I could manage.

So 2 wins and 3 losses saw me in 9th place out of 12.

Really fun weekend and thanks to all my opponents for 5 excellent games of Epic played in the right spirit as ever.

Next Epic tournament for me will be the Epic-UK Grand Tournament in November… what to take, that is the question.


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