Posted: October 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

Ohh nearly a month since the last update.

Been a bit quite on the gaming front but I have managed to get in one game of Epic vs Paul and won!

Also played a game of hordes in preparation for the upcoming London Stampede tournament I’ve signed up for on the 1st Nov. I decided to give a non epic tournament a go again an picked this one for two reasons, one – its not a traditional tournament and looks to be fun and different and two – if I don’t put the pressure of tournament play in place I never get anything painted!

So right now I have a lot of under coated hordes models sitting on my table. Only 2 more to put together but they need pinning and green stuff to hold together so may wait till after this tournament.

That only leaves one more Epic tournament for me this year which will be the Epic-UK GT at the end of November.


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