Posted: October 30, 2009 in Hordes, WMA

Well its been a while but I’ve managed to make a good dent in the under coated hordes models!

With the tournament on Sunday I’ve only got 3 warlocks to paint to have a fully painted force for the event. Photo’s will follow but I need to maximise my painting time to ensure I get it all done!

I’ve played a couple more games of hordes and tried out 2 of the scenarios that will be used in the tournament. I don’t expect to do at all well as I’ve never played against a warmachine army so all the clever little tricks will be new to me. I’m enjoying playing hordes but still have much to learn.

I also played a game of Warmaster Ancients. 1000 points of Briton’s faced up to the might of Imperial Rome. I was playing the Brit’s and for once my early turns were not marred by failed command rolls. However, just at the key moment one warband refused to heed the call of the warlord and this left them static and vulnerable to the charge of a couple of legions. Needless to say the lost combat, ran and kept on running. It was fun game but I have to say I was getting pretty confused between WMA, FOG and Blitzkreig Commander!


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