Busy Times.

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Epic Armageddon, Epic UK, Hordes, LoTR, Tanelorn

Well I’ve been busy since my last post.

Firstly I attended the London Stampede Hordes event run by the Tanelorn wargames club. I managed to get 3 games of hordes in, managing to win 1 and lose 2. It was a great learning experience as I’ve never played against warmachine armies before. Another bonus was getting 80% of the hordes models I own painted! Pictures to follow at some point.

After that I’ve played a couple of games of LoTR Battle companies. Nice little skirmish game with a handful of models on either side. Looking to play some more of this.

This weekend I played some Hordes with Mark and Dave, with both of them experimenting with new casters and units. Only played at 350 so choices were hard. I think in future I’ll mainly play at 500 (or the equivalent once MkII hits the streets) as it gives each side more options.

2 weeks to go before the Epic-UK Grand Tournament so I’ve got a little bit of painting to get done before then. Only a couple of formations to paint and they are all half done already.


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