Epic-UK Grand Tournament

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Epic Armageddon, Epic UK

So the weekend just gone saw the final event of the Epic Armageddon season in the UK. 15 players competed for the final event as unfortunately one player had to drop out at the last minute. Matt O stepped in to not only run the event but play a game every round so no one had to sit out and wait for a game.

My army was

Landing Craft
Devastators with Supreme Commander and Hunter upgrades
Scouts with 2 Twin Lascanon Razorback upgrades
Strike Cruiser

Basically a battle company with attachments. The premise is to play for flexibility. There are many ways to deploy this army using the Epic-UK tournament rules. Pity I stuck to one way through most of the games!

I took notes of all my games using Chroma’s log sheets that can be found on Tac Com. I will give a brief overview of the games here and do a detail breakdown for anyone that may be more interested!

Game 1 – Dave Thomas – Black Legion

So I start out with having to play the player in second place gunning for the championship title, and the legendary owner of the Dice of Dave! Dave has only lost 1 tournament game in the last 2 years and our game didn’t threaten to add to that statistic! With 4 war engines in his list I was always on the back foot in this game as I really lacked the fire power to take down all 4, or even 2! Throughout the game Dave made a lot of saves and I failed a lot! When the terminators failed to take down a doom wheel I knew I wasn’t going to win and I had to try to make sure I didn’t loose big. In the end Dave decide to take the points for a 2-0 win in 3 rather than hold back and try to get more in turn 4. So he won with Blitz and Take and Hold.

Game 2 – Chris Steel – Steel Legion

Chris and I are regular opponents as we tend to hang around in the bottom half of tournament tables! This time he had a brand new steel legion army that was (IMO) beautifully painted. Some others must have agreed as he was voted as the Players choice for best painted. The game was going OK for me but I could never totally destroy Chris’s formations, just do enough damage to break them. By the end of turn 3 most of his formations were in a bad way, apart from the Leman Russ company that I had pretty much ignored. The game came down to whether Chris could rally one lone sentinel hiding in my table half, the dice was rolled and came up 6! There was no time to play turn 4 so we shock hands and accepted a draw.

Game 3 – Mark Williams – Biel Tann

Mark has a bit of a grudge about me playing his eldar. It stretches back to the time when a steel legion infantry company in woods managed to defeat his warlock titan in a firefight! I was playing this game really cagey as his list is far to fast for me! Then I decided to take a gamble. I had a chance to get his Warlock titan in a cross fire with my full landing craft. Now the sensible play would have been to land on the opposite edge and hit one of his loaded wave serpent formations, but I decided to do the fun thing and went for the crossfire attack on his Warlock. So of the 12 attacks I had (4 at 4+ and 8 at 6+) I manages a massive 2 hits! Even the one point of damage didn’t make up for this and the game was gone from this point. It did take 4 turns for Mark to win but win he did with BTS, Blitz and Take and Hold.

So the end of game one with 2 losses and 1 draw left me at the bottom and in receipt of the bye.

Game 4 – Matt Otter – Ghazghkulls Warhorde

Now as this game was officially a bye I got the points for a 2-0 win. Good job too as Matt beat me hands down! I got so mad at my dice by now that I put them back in there pot and used some dice I had in my pack of hordes counters! I didn’t really have a high point in this game, but Matt’s gargant getting to March all the way to my Blitz was certainly Matts! He won this game easily 2-0 in plenty of time to allow him to take some photos! I’ll post links when they appear online!

Game 5 – Ole Larson – Biel Tann
This was Ole’s first ever epic tournament, and he said he had only played a couple of warm up games! His lack of relative experience didn’t really show and we spent 4 turns destroying each others formations. Ole’s real problem was his inability to rally many formations and fail 3 activations in the 3rd turn when he only had 5 activations! Fortunately the first failure did go with the SC re roll! The game came down to his guardian formation with wraith guard assault my thunderhawk that had landed on his blitz in turn 3. If he won the assault I couldn’t win so it would have been a draw. Unfortunately the guardians didn’t manage to damage the flyer and to add insult to injury lost the assault and gave blitz to the marines. The game ended in a 2-0 win to me (Blitz and Take and hold). A fun game and I hope Ole will be coming back for more tournaments.

So with 1 win, 1 bye, 1 draw and 2 losses I ended up in 10th place, or to put it another way last of 5 Marine armies!

However some of my opponents must have taken pity on me and I ended up in a roll off for most sporting with Chris Steel. Using two of the dice from a “Dice of Dave” pot we rolled, with the award going to the lowest result. I won with a 5! Were can I buy these dice!

For those interested the winner of the event was Dave Thomas, 2nd place to Mark Preston and 3rd to Richard Laking. Judges best painted went to Chris Webb for his beautiful Dark angles angels (Chris, you were missing a terminator stand, just thought you should know 😉 ).

Thanks to Matt for running yet another smooth event and to all the players I’ve played against this year.

Now the question is what to get ready for next year……..(I’m sure there’s some warhounds in that pile….)

  1. Chris says:

    Dammit Dave! I also neglected to send up a couple of other stands of Deathwing in power armour too, making people think that tactical formation was in fact a third Dev formation.

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