The 09 review

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Ambush Alley, Blitzkrieg Commander, Epic Armageddon, FOG, Hordes, LoTR, WaB, WMA

Well as 09 draws to a close I guess I’ll jump on the bandwagon and do the whole year in review, but briefly!


Played a fair variety of games over the year and I’ll mention each briefly

Epic Armageddon – My stable tournament game and the one I probably played most over the year. Still really high on my play list, even if my pool of opponents has shrunk to nearly none again! Still enjoying the UK tournament scene and plan to continue with this in 2010.

Hordes – Played on and off during the year, and even went to one tournament. This resulted in some painting of forces. I do enjoy hordes, but I don’t think I’ll be a regular at tournaments. You need a wide variety of opponents to learn the tricks and I think I’d rather keep it to more low key play at home.

Blitzkrieg Commander – Played a couple of games and still enjoy it for WWII gaming. With the release of BKC II I’m sure I’ll play this some more next year.

Lord of the Rings Battle Companies – Played about 20 games of this in two bursts during the year. I think LoTR is fun at this small skirmish scale, and with the improvements to battle companies it is fun. I’m sure we will play more next year.

Ambush Alley – A game that I stumbled across randomly and liked the look of. Played about 8 games across the year and enjoy the total asymmetrical nature of the game.

Field of Glory – Played maybe 6 games with both 6mm and 28mm armies. 2 conclusions, I like the game and think that 6mm/10mm makes it look the best. Will probably become my ancient game of choice but I may dable a bit with Impetus in 2010!

Warhammer Ancient Battles – A couple of games played and while I will play it not my favorite set of rules.

Warmaster Ancients – Another fun set of rules and now sits second in my ancient list! 4 or 5 games played over the year.

40K – Played my normal 2 games and I’m not in a real hurry to increase that!

Also played a little Wings of War and Space Hulk when that was re-released.

So a relative mixed bunch over the year and I think I’ll try and do the same in 2010.


Hmmm, not much progress made in 2009.

The good. The forces I bought for Ambush Alley are all painted, a first in that they were bought and painted within 2 months! My Hordes army progressed from undercoated to about 75% of what I have painted.

On epic I’ve added stuff to my Marines, Eldar and Chaos armies but made no progress with my Orks at all. In 2010 the aim is to get at least 3,000 points of Orks and Nids done, with more marines and eldar added as and when I’m motivated to do it.

The bad. My Republican Romans remain unpainted as do my Trafalgar ships and 6mm Celts. Add in my BKC Brits, a desert Italian force and a 10mm Greek army my painting backlog is now out of control!

All I can do in 2010 is commit to paint more than I did in 2009. Can’t be that hard!


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