Full Scale Assault

Posted: March 28, 2010 in Epic Armageddon, Epic UK

Yesterday saw the first Epic A event of the UK Epic Championship, Full Scale Assault.

This is a one day 3 game event and gives everyone a chance to dust off their competitive edge.

My list can be seen here
The plan was to stay flexible with my deployment options and go from there.

Game One. Mark Preston – Black Legion
Mark has been climbing up the rankings steadily over the years and now is one of the top 5 players in the UK and his Black Legion list certainly reflected this and connected with a solid plan that he stuck too was a winning combination. I didn’t really help this by choosing to air assault with most of my force, right into the welcome guns of his Obliterators!

A 2-0 loss was the result and not the best start to the day.

Game Two. Tim Hunt – Steel Legion
So I lose and manage to get Tim? Where is the justice in that! Fearing all my Air assault power Tim setup in a tight clump to one side of the board and chose to play down a 2 foot section! Having flown into trouble last time I decided to drop pod and planetfall some troops this time. Unfortunately Tim chose to have a stall off on turn one and as I had less activations my forces came in piece meal and were easily dealt with by Tim.

A 3-0 loss resulted and I moved to the familiar area of the bottom table.

Game Three. Mark Roberts – Biel Tann
Marks list have a very familiar look to it, with lots of AA. But I figured I’d be able to suppress some of it so went back to an air assault option with and empty space craft. Lets just say it really didn’t work. By the end of the game the only formation I had left was my Supreme Commander’s tactical formation, but it was holding my blitz!

A 3-0 loss.

So unsurprisingly I finished last and claimed the much sought after wooden spoon! To add to the pain I even managed to lose the roll of for most sporting to Alan Saunders! Steve Gullick won the day with Dave Thomas second and Mark Preston third. Alex Cairns took players choice for best painted with his stunning Nurgle Black Legion. Chris Webb took judges best painted for his Bad Moon Orks. Full results can be seen here

Overall a fun day between the games chatting with all the players. Thanks to all my opponents for 3 fun games, despite the result. Photos of all the armies were taken and should appear on the web in the near future. Watch this space.


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