Bill and Teds excellent adventure (or 2 warhounds tirp to Open War 13)

Posted: May 30, 2010 in 1st Company Veterans, Cranfield Conquerors, Epic Armageddon, Epic UK

Yesterday was my second Epic A tournament of the year. I’d decided to use my Steel Legion but I would finally bow to the inevitable and actually paint and use the 2 Warhound titans I bought over a year ago.

My list can be seen here.

I also had the advantage of access to a set of the legendary “Dice of Dave“. I felt sure they would make a difference and swing luck in my favour!

Game One Joe Jephson – Dark Angels
Great, game one I and get one of the big guns again! Still, Joe was using Dark Angels which are a tricky proposition to play.
As I didn’t fancy getting terminated to death turn one I setup my entire army in a castle with both infantry companies on overwatch. Joe, quite rightly decided not to waste his terminators and chose not to teleport. Joe’s 3 thunderhawks did some long range sniping turn one which did allow me the chance for some sneaky flak rush, which I took advantage of. Here is were the “Dice of Dave” first came good. 1st Thunderhwak overflew three hydras, took 3 hits, 1 point of damage and a critical blew it out of the sky! Thunderhawk 2 followed suit and was also smashed into tiny bits! Thunderhawk 3 made it safely away, its crew stunned!
Turn two brought on the terminators who firmly had the warhounds in their sights. Then fate dealt Joe a second major blow when I won the initiative. One ‘hound ran away from his potential attackers and the second sustained to good effect materialising the second terminators.
The game ground on into a fourth turn by which time Joe was really struggling with activations and I was able to grab a 3-0 victory. Wow, I’ve never beaten Joe before, those dice are awesome!
A quick word on the scoring system at Open Wars. It’s not really designed for Epic, so you get Max points even if you don’t win in 3 turns. Not totally fair IMO and something that could be looked at for future events.

So one game one win, and I even manage to stay on Table 1!

Game Two – Matt Arnold – Biel Tan
Now here was an army I didn’t really fancy playing when I’d seen the list come in. Matt went all out and loaded up all 3 vampires for planetfall turn one. So the Guardians, Warp Spiders and both Rangers were safely hidden away in the dragon ship. The Swooping Hawks were flying high over the battlefield ready to drop in and the jetbikes skulked in the webway.
I setup in wide spread fearing the orbital bombardment. I did make a mistake intermingling my Hydras and Basilisks and Matt chose to hit them with his Swooping hawks. The assault went well wiping out both formations and placing blastmarkers on some sentinels and one warhound. However Bill and Ted got their revenge with the combined fire-power of them wiping out the swooping hawks removing the eldar supreme commander and gaining BTS. This left Matt with 4 ground formations. So the time comes for the spaceship, 2+ needed to activate. A one is rolled! No biggy, it can try again turn two.
So turn two plays out with a a bit of damage handed out by both sides and then its time for the Dragonship again. Remember its 2+ and the dice comes up……..1! Now Matt’s really worried. Over half his army has not entered the battle, and one duff dice roll could see it never enter play. Also if the game ends in the third turn the Avatar won’t ever come into play either.
Turn three begins and early on its time for the dragon ship. The dice is thrown and it hangs on the one…….and finally comes to rest on a 2! Matt’s relive is palpable. However 2 assault’s later and his dice have conspired to de nigh him a turn 4 and the Steel Legion take the game 2-0.
After the game Matt agrees that the “every egg in one basket” approach with the spaceship was a risk to far, and one air assault would have been a better bet.

So 2 games, 2 wins. Complete new territory here for me.

Game 3 = Mark Preston – Black Legion
Mark is one of the most improved players over the last two years in my opinion. And the Black Legion list he was using had hammered my Marine army at Full Scale Assault. With 2 terminator formations available I again castled up and prepared for the onslaught. Now unlike Codex Marines the black legion don’t come at you piecemeal and as they have bigger numbers can be difficult to deal with. This game didn’t go that well to be honest, I pretty much fed both Bill and Ted to Mark, who broke them and then killed them with death wheels. I did get one lucky break when I won the initiative to allow my BTS formation to move away from the two terminator formations and break the big one before they got to activate. However with the loss of my warhounds and other small formation I was never rally in a position to win and Mark took the game 2-0 in 4 turns.

So 2 wins and lose, certainly my best results in many a year. The 1st Company Vets result show me in forth place, but that is done purely alphabetically! The Epic-UK results show me 5th. The tie breaker I use is based on number of wins, draws, losses, then on margin of win, draw. So as Richard had two 25-0 wins to my one 25 and one 22 he moves ahead. Now Matt Arnold also ended up on the same points, with an identical record to me, but as I beat him I move ahead.

Overall Tim Hunt took the win, Mark Preston eased himself into second place and Dave Thomas had to settle for third.

In the championship Matt Arnold has moved into top spot with solid play in all three events, using a new race each time.

As ever there were some stunning armies on show at Open war. Chris Webb’s Space Marines won the award but a special mention must go to Chris Steels Vanaheim Air Cav, all done with forge world skimmers.

On the team front this event was the fist outing for the Cranfield Conquerors. With 6 40K players and myself we managed a very creditable 4th.

Thanks to the 1st Company Veterans for putting on another great event.

Next up for me is the ETC Warmachine/Hordes event in July. Plenty of painting to get done before that!

  1. Chris says:

    I disliked the scoring system too. Firstly, as you pointed out, it doesn't take into account the turns. And secondly that a tightly-fought narrow loss earns as many points as a complete hammering. The second one could be intentional though, in order to stop the people who are consistently beaten getting too discouraged?

  2. Mephiston says:

    The scoring system is really there to work for 40K so the Epic version isn't ideal.I'll see if Steve54 can have some input to suggest a changed version before OW14

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