A tale of two tables.

Posted: July 5, 2010 in Epic Armageddon, Hordes, Maelstrom Games, Warmachine

Well the past weekend saw me take the trip to Maelstom games new gaming hall, the eye of the storm.

They were hosting the inaugural Warmachine/Hordes European team challenge. Now I’ve had a reasonable amount of hordes stuff for quite a while, and did attend one event last year run by the Tanelorn gaming club in London. I decided to sign up for this event to a) force me to paint more models and b) play some bigger games and see different armies.

I even managed to get in a sneaky game of Epic Armageddon on the Friday night before the tournament. Sam Dale came along with a nicely painted Iron Hands chaos force and managed to defeat my Imperial Guard in turn 3 2-0. Fun game and I think Sam may appear at an Epic tournament in the near future 🙂

My Hordes faction is Legion of Everblight and my list was built with two things in mind.

The first was what I had painted already and what bits I thought I could paint in a month. Secondly I need to use models that were not too complex as I would have enough with not knowing what my enemies models would do!

So I took the following
Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight
Full Warmongers
Min Raptors
Strider Deathstalker
Warmonger Warchief

Certainly not the strongest list but one that I knew what each piece did as I’d played them a few times, just not together in one list!

The ETC was a team event, with 26 teams of 4 players competing. With 104 players in attendance it was certainly the largest single system event I’d ever attended. Fortunately for me I found a group of players also looking to make a team and with most of us looking to win one game, we all set our expectation levels at a low level.

So Saturday morning dawned and I headed down to Maelstrom games to Meet Craig (Who had played one game of hordes prior to the event!), Andy and Ian.

Game One (Table 1) – Nick Roberts – Circle.
I’d played Nick at the Tanelorn event last year and he schooled me pretty well with a Krugger list. This time he has stepped up with Epic Krugger and the lesson was even harsher! Nick basically moved Thagrosh around at will until he was in position to be beaten down and killed.

Game Two – Kevin Martin – Cryx
Kevin’s army was the second beautifully painted army I’d faced (Nick’s is exceptional too). By the end of his second turn I knew that if I didn’t try a desperate caster kill with Typhon, Thagrosh was going down again. So 3 boosted attacks all needing 9’s I only hit with one and his caster survived. Needless to say Thagrosh didn’t!

Game Three – Andrew Galea – Cygnar
Andrew was also a new comer to the whole warmachine world. However he had learnt his lessons from earlier games a lot better than myself. I found myself in a bad position from turn 2 onwards when his casters feat made all his army have +5 def. In hind sight I could have helped myself by trying to knock down his two heavy jacks but didn’t. Andrew played a solid game and won on scenario when I forgot to use Thagrosh’s feat to bring back my Carnivean!

So end of day one I’d played 3 and lost 3. As everyone else had won at least one I was beginning to see a bleak future!

Saturday evening was a fun evening, with Ian supplying some fun and interesting board games to entertain the the crowds.

Game Four – Stan Crooks – Circle
So, Circle again and once again Epic Krugger! The scenario for this game had to control points you needed to be within base to base and with all the push me tricks this army had I knew it would be difficult. The game was blood bath with both my army half dead and Stan’s 3/4 gone by the time he claimed enough control points to win on scenario.

Game Five (Table 52, the bottom! See top and bottom tables in one event!)
Olivier Decru – Retribution
2 teams form Belgium and one from Holland had come all the way to Mansfield to take part in the event and I was matched up with another player look to get their first win. However, just looking at all the infantry and a loan jack and beast I knew this was a game I should not only win, but win big unless his army had some big tricks. Suffice to say it didn’t. The scenario forced both casters and armies to basically stay in the middle 24 inches of the board. My army basically wore away at his amry and Olivier was forced to make a suicide attempt at Thagrosh that failed and sealed his fate! Have to say it couldn’t have been much fun for Olivier but he kept his chin up all game and never stopped trying.

The entire set-up and organisation of the event was awesome. Maelstrom games facilities are exceptional, easily as good as Warhammer World and in the end much more gamer friendly as many manufactures products are available on site.

So 1 win secured I was happy. I’d had chances in game 2 and 4 so it could have been better. Overall our team finished 19th out of 26 which was a surprise considering our relative newbie status.

Thanks to all my opponents for teaching me a lot about their forces and mine! Every game was fun and played with a great competitive spirit.

I did go with half a mind that I’d get hammered in every game and put to rest any ideas of attending more hordes events. It hasn’t turned out that way and if anything its heightened my interest in the game!


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