August – Must be Britcon time!

Posted: August 4, 2010 in BHGS, Britcon, Epic Armageddon, Epic UK, Twitter

Well, its August and that can mean only one thing, my favourite EpicA tournament of the year Britcon.

I enjoy Britcon immensely ever year. Over 200 gamers playing a variety of historical and fantasy games in the confines of Manchester University is always fun.

This year as Matt O has gone globe trotting I have the dubious pleasure of being the playing umpire for epic, but as the BHGS do all the organising and data entry I’m hoping for a smooth ride.

In other news I’ve added myself to twitter, as you can see from the new widget on the right! I’ll be tweeting from Britcon as the weekend progress and if anyone wants to follow the progress you can on either @MephistonAG for me or @EpicUK for more general content. I’m also aiming to get more regular with my posting here, as I’m not really making the most of this platform either!

After that I’m committed to getting 500 points of my WAB republican Romans ready for a boarder patrol game on the 4th Sep. I’ve also signed up to take part in the Tale of Epic Gamers 6 month painting blog. Once again I’m going to attempt to get my Tyranids for epic going.

So a busy month all told. Can’t wait!


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