Malifaux at the UK Game Expo

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Exodus Wars, Hordes, Malifaux, UK Games Expo

The weekend just gone saw me traveling up to Birmingham to attend the UK Games Expo. I’d signed up to play in the Malifaux event as it was being run by one of the members of my local club and as I never paint unless its for an event it did force me to get paint on my figures!

I went in with low expectations. My crew is a pretty basic Viktoria gang, and as I have only played one game of Malifaux this year my sights were firmly on last place and a nicely decorated wooden spoon! The bonus is that I now only own 2 unpainted Malifaux figures one of which is a prize from the event.

Due to odd numbers I only got to play 3 games at the expo, and lost them all spectacularly! So my expectations met and spoon secured! Had a blast playing the games even if I did spend most of them asking what on earth was going on!

The bye did give me time to have a good look around the Expo, which reminded me very much of Salute when it was at Kennsington. Lots of smaller rooms with traders and gamers scattered around. I also had time to have a pleasant chat with Tom and Dom of exodus wars about what they are planning and the future does look good for the company.

The focus now shifts to preparation for the WM/H ETC on the first weekend of July. Lots to paint before then!


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