2011 – They year of not blogging!

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Bloodbowl, Britcon, Cranfield Conquerors, Epic Armageddon, Epic UK, Hordes, Warmachine

Hmmm, 4 posts in 2011…not my finest blogging efforts ever!

So with 10 of the 12 months gone I’ll do a little recap of what’s been going on with gaming.

Bloodbowl has been a big game in 2011. I’ve been playing in the Daventry Vaulters perpetual league. I’m nearly at the end of my second season and my Khemri team have built themselves into a place of mediocrity. On paper they look fearsome, but on the pitch they just don’t hurt the opposition enough to force a win. I’ve way more draws than either wins or losses. Still its been fun to play a bash team for a while, and a nice counter point to my Pro Elfs which I’m using in the Cranfield Conquerors league. I think my Bloodbowl itch has now been scratched and I doubt I’ll continue with Daventry.

Warmachine/Hordes has been another staple on the gaming front. I played in a few events in Daventry until the closure of the shop there effectively brought them to a halt. I captained a scratch team at the WM/H ETC and lead them to a bottom place :(. Still was fun and I doubled my wins from the previous year to 2 wins. In the run up to this event I decided I didn’t like the my colour scheme so I repainted much of what I had already painted and stripped others…so that is a success and failure on the painting front.

Epic has been a steady on the gaming front. I’ve played in less events this year than last year but it has continued to be a regular game. Britcon has once again been my favorite event and I hope that Epic will continue to run at Britcon under its new management team. With just over a month before the GT I’m attempting to get my tyranids painted so I can give the latest Epic-UK list a run out. Time is ticking but at least I’ve got some guants and my warriors painted.

Think that’s enough for now..I shall endeavor to post more frequently as time moves on….but I’ve said that before!


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