Open War 16

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last weekend saw the running of Open War 16, and I went along to play epic.

I decided to give Black Legion chaos space marines a run out, and went with a largeish drop option. List is here

Game One – Si Jenkins – Tyranids
Tyranids are the newest list available in the Epic-UK tournament scene. Fortunately I’ve done some play testing of the list so I kinda knew what they all did, and elected not to bother with the drop pod’s this game as feet on the ground would be important.
I have to say the Si’s had some of the worst dice I’ve seen in a while and my dice were probably above average. The game looked like a draw until a 5th turn was rolled for and I was able to destroy the remaining nids to secure a 3-0 win (BTS, Blitz, Take and Hold).

Game Two – Kev Bott – Codex Marines

Going into this game I had a perfect record v Kev. Though 2 of those wins were at Britcon against a very hungover Kev! Kev seemed to really worry about my space ship and setup cautiously and played that way throughout. The game ended in a 2-0 win to Kev with most of my forces shot up.

Game Three – Dave Thomas – Ulthwe

So with one win and one lose I expect to drop through the ranks and who do I end up with? Dave Thomas! The game wasn’t going to badly, then one assault that didn’t go my way and my army crumbled..Dave taking the game 2-0 in 3 turns. So still never got close to even drawing with Mr T.

Overall I finished 11th out of 16. Richard Laking won, with Dave T second and Kev third. Richard also took players choice for best painted with his Eldar.

One Epic event left this year not the GT at the end of November and I hope to have my Tyranids ready for that one.


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