Dystopian Wars starts the year

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Dystopian Wars, Spartan Games

The new year of gaming got under way with an 800 point game of Dystopian Wars.

As this was to feature Kingdom of Britannia (KoB) vs Kingdom of Britannia in a pre-deployment shake down I can sleep easier that all my loses were “administrative” ones 🙂

As this was to be both mine and Paul’s first play through with the rules amendments I decided to keep things simple and use units I’d played with previously. My Fleet was

1 Ruler class Battleship
2 Tribal class Cruisers
3 x 3 Attacker class Frigate Squadrons
2 Doncaster bombers
2 Hawk class scout rotors
2 x 5 Plane Fighter Wings

This faced up against Paul’s fleet

1 Ruler class Battleship
1 Majesty class Dreadnought
3 Tribal class Cruisers
2 x 3 Attacker class Frigate Squadrons
1 5 Plane Fighter Wing
1 5 Plane Dive Bomber Wing

We decided to use the Field Orders option from the new setup rules to give us a mission each. I diced the standard destroy 70% of the enemy, while Paul got Destroy or Capture the Fleet Commodore, which meant my BB was in jeopardy!

The game really didn’t go to plan at all with Paul getting the better of the early exchanges and whittling down my activation advantage pretty quickly. The fleets came into close contact between 2 Islands while my BB skulked a bit further back. At the end of the 6 turns we decide to play I had my BB left, and 8 tiny fliers. Paul had the Dreadnought, BB, 1 Cruiser and 1 Frigate. So using the setup doc this gave Paul a Crushing Triumph…felt that way!

On the rules changes the tiny fliers now acting as a wing and not individual planes marked them both easier to play and more useful. The new critical hit table was good and the guardian shields on the BB make them a much better choice now. That all said there are a few nagging issues with the doc that will hopefully get answered on Spartans forums soon.

All in all a great start to 2012 gaming, even if it was a pretty bad mauling!


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