Kampfgruppe Normandy trial game

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Kampfgruppe Normandy, Pendraken

On the 16th I’m going to be playing the intro scenario for Kampfgruppe Normandy – A Panther Hunt using my Pendraken10mm army initial bought to play with BKC.

Couple of issues…not as much is painted as I remember and I have neither the Cromwells or M10 the scenario calls for so I’ll be using Shermans and a camo covered Sherman to count as the M10. So this little force will be the first painting of the year as I’d like to take a fully painted force to the game, even if it’s not quite what is meant to be there lol.

If the game plays as well as it looks like it will from reading a decision on scale will have to be made. 20mm which the rules were written for, 15mm as there are more local players with armies in that scale for another game or grow the 10mm forces.


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