No cry without cryx!

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Cranfield Conquerors, Hordes, Warmachine

First night back at the Cranfield club and it was time to break out the Hordes. I was playing Adam and his Cyrx so I went with absylonia as I’ve been playing her regularly and I kinda know how she plays.

Adam rocked up with pGaspy and some new stuff in the guise of a upgraded mechanithrall unit.

Game was going pretty well with some duff dice from adam but some overreaching left me exposed and a last desperate assination attempt by Absy came to nought. Fun game and I’m looking forward to the new steamroller 2012 tournament pack to try and introduce some scenario play into the club games.

Still really struggle to beat cryx, but at least this game lasted more than 3 turns!

Time to look to a new caster to be mediocre with..Kallus or Bethayne is the question.


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