Back to the pitch

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Bloodbowl, Daventy Vaulters

Last night saw my first game in my third season of the Daventry Vaulters Bloodbowl league.

By a random set of circumstances I have found myself in the first division, along with my long standing oppenets Gazza and Talon Bay.

Last nights opener was against Gazza, with whom a healthy rivalry has built up where his elves want to score as many TD’s as possible and my Khemri do everything they can to kill and maim his players 🙂

Each round the league has a random element and this weeks was poor weather, meaning half fans, half winnings and a harsher weather table.

The game was played in pouring rain which made the normally bad Khemri ball handling even worse! The Elves scored early in the first half, but I was unable to pick up the ball so contented myself by taking 2 star’s of the elves off the pitch through some fouls.

Second half was going well as I moved the ball steadily down the pitch but the plan fell apart when I failed going for it twice in two turns, even with re-rolls! Yes back to back double 1’s. Still Gazza was unable to push on for a second TD and had to settle for a modest 1-0 win.

As ever a fun game with plenty of back and forth banter. Next up is Talon Bay as his super skaven team…hopefully I can hurt a few rats this season and not be on the end of 2 loses again like last year!


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