You sank my Battleship!

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Dystopian Wars

Yes it was back to Dystopian wars today…another shake up encounter for 2 KoB fleets.

750 points this time and I decided to try out my subs. Paul had the same idea but went with 4 to my 2. We once again used the new rules for determining our objectives. Paul had to destory my commodores ship, so my battleship while I had to destroy 50% of his fleet, including all his small ships so 9 frigates.

Pauls dice were on fire early, the hight being when he criticalled one of my submerged subs, getting snake eyes that cause it to explode, attacking all units within 4 inches with twice its stating hull points….which destroyed all 4 of my firgates that were near by!

The game was going ok as I slowly started to whittle down Pauls force but in truth it was only a matter of time before he got my battleship bracketed and down it went after 3 turns of concentarted fire.

Fun game but that critical is really nasty! We are thinking of giving the D6G’s xcam missions a go next time we play.


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