Oh no, don’t hurt him!

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Bloodbowl, Daventy Vaulters

Wednesday saw round 2 of the Daventry Vaulters BB league and my latest encounter with TalonBay and his Gutter Bay Slashers.

Last season Gary crushed me twice running in touchdowns for fun as my players failed to do any damage to the rats. This time round it was looking much closer with the Khemri dishing out a total of 8 casualties over the course of the game but unable to push the ball in to score.

Then disaster struck. Talonbay’s star saw the chance to throw a cheeky block against my star Throw Ra…hurting him, reducing his AG to 1….his future hung on the 4+ regen roll which……failed. So not only did I lose the game 2-0 I’ve had to retire my best player 😦

So time to stop trying to play the grind game and have some fun I think. My team was not really ready for Division 1 and it shows. So time to go crazy and see what I can do with some mad plays and speed…could be fun!


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