Full Scale Assault – First EpicA tourney of the year.

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Epic Armageddon, Epic UK, Tactical Command

So Saturday saw my first EpicA tournament of the year Full Scale Assault held at Maelstrom games Mansfield.

I decided I’d carry on using my nids this year and try and see if I can get to be competent with one army for once!

My list can be found here –My Nid’s for FSA which looks like this:

So the day dawned bright and Gary, Erin and I headed up to Mansfield without a hitch.

Game One – Mike Mee – Biel Tan

Mike hadn’t faced the nids before but he put up a good fight. I got pretty lucky by not only winning the initiative turn one but then using this to destroy his void spinner with a critical hit! Towards the end of turn one Mike to a gamble and used his Vampire full of aspect to try and kill my Dominatrix…this bounced and I was able to destroy the flier on the ground and then break the aspects with a counter assault. The game went into a 4th turn but Mike failed some key rallies and I was able to take the game 2-0 in 4 turns.

Game Two – Jon Mielcarek – Speed Freaks

I played Jon’s army at the GT in November and it was a tough game and the only time I lost the Dominatrix. This time Jon had a huge mob on the ground to be his BTS rather than a flying one as he had at the GT. This was a tough game. I went hunting all the small formations while Jon used his fighters to hammer away at the Harridans and the Dominatrix. I did make an obscene number of saves across the game and after some pretty bold moves turn 3 and 4 both armies fought each other to a stand still. After counting up the points less than 50 separated us so a flat draw it was.

Game Three – Steve Gullick – Vanaheim

 Steve decided to play corners, but I had a plan for this situation worked out. I placed both the objectives deep into the corner nearest my deployment and kept 80% of my army in this 2′ area and forced Steve to move in if he wanted to contest the objectives. I removed the sentinels early and probably made one mistake in dropping in my second trygon to threaten his blitz when I should have used it to attack the only objective Steve was holding in my half of the table. So despite destroying large parts of Steve’s army I was unable to push for the win and after 4 turns I ended up with a winning draw.

So 1 win and 2 draws saw me take 8th place, the highest I’ve been at FSA for a long time! Gary won the event, impressive with normal Orks and holding Dave T to a draw in the last game. Dave T was second with Si Jenkins taking third.

Simon Partridge won best army from the judges and Sam Dale from the players, both armies are really nicely done

Lots of new faces were on show and I hope many will come to more events as the year progresses.

The journey home was interesting as for once the weather warnings from the met office were quite accurate! 4 hours rather than 1.5!

Thanks to Reedar for the photos, Dave (from Tac Comm’s) for the Epic Tools that were given out.

So either ITB of Open War is next for Epic…..some minor tinkering to the list I think 🙂

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