Posted: February 14, 2012 in Cranfield Conquerors, Hordes, Warmachine

Last night was a chance to get the legion out and play some hordes.

I decided I’d take Kallus, legions newest caster out for a spin having only tried him once at a casual event and not doing that well.

Played 35 points vs Copp’s Cygnar run by Siege. Have to say everything went pretty much to plan with legionaries running for 2 turns then getting killed to become incubi during Copp’s turn 2. Siege was on fire from turn 2 onwards thanks to the Ravagore and a lucky scatter. Turns 3 and 4 settled the game as the incubi and warmongers pretty much battered everything in combat thanks to dark guidance.

Definately going to play Kallus some more, and may pair him with Bethayne for any steam roller events I go to…assuming I get around to putting her and Belphagore together!

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