Plastic Soldier Company – 15mm Shermans and Fireflys

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Kampfgruppe Normandy

When I got into Kampfgruppe Normandy there was some debate about what scale to go for… and I’ve ended up with 2 groups doing different scales!

For 15mm I’ve chosen to do British Para’s, but they get support from Tank Regiments like all the other lists, just a bit more limited so a box of Shermans from the Plastic Soldier Company seem to fit the bill rather nicely

You get five of the sprues below, and each can be either a normal Sherman or Firefly.

The sprue

So far I’ve only built one of the kits, but it was a pretty easy build and I think looks pretty good.

So 5 more to build as I got a special deal for pre-ordering the kits at Salute and gained a bonus sprue.

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