WPS Club Challenge 2012

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Bloodbowl
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Last weekend saw 100+ gamers descend on Maelstrom games in Mansfield to find out who was the best wargames club in the UK.

I was playing blood-bowl for Tanelorn wargames club, and decided to take my Pro Elves as a big change of pace to the Khemri I’ve been using in league play.

Teams were at 1.2 million with 6 skills, 2 doubles on offer. I went with 2 Blitzers with Dodge, 2 Catchers with guard, 2 Catchers with Wrestle, 1 Thrower, 5 Lineelf and an apothecary. 3 Re-rolls and 1 Fan factor finished off the cash.

Round 1 – John Harrison – Undead.

Oh dear, I’ve only ever played Undead at the one tournament I’d been to before with my elves, and that didn’t go well, with my only having one player on the pitch at one point! So I went into the game with a sense of dread. Rolling snake eyes for fans didn’t exactly settle my nerves either, -4 Fame!

Then the game started proper and my dice turned on fire. I don’t remember failing a single dodge, and I dodged a lot! Everything John tried kinda went bad. I took the lead on turn 3, managed to turn the ball over and scored again for a 2-0 lead at half time. I’d even managed to injure 2 players by this time to. The second half saw me run in one more touchdown and the game ended in 3-0 win to me. I even took the casualty count 2-1! John’s dice really didn’t let him get into this game.

Round 2 – Steve Wren – High Elves

The biggest surprise of the weekend was that out of 14 teams there were 6 Elf! 2 High, 2 Dark, 1 Pro and1 Wood!

This game went back and forth and was looking tight in the second half as we were tied 2-2 on both score and casualties. Steve was driving for the win but I managed to break the ball loose and go in for the winning score as time expired. Tight game, and my 2 blodging, side steppers were proving their worth.

Round 3 – Jonathan Molyneux – Wood Elves.

This was a titanic battle. Both teams desperately trying to get the upper hand in both casualties and score. Jon used his +MA catcher to one turn at the end of the first half to make it 2-1 at the half. I then got a lucky blitz  off the bat in the second half and win the dying moments of the match managed to cross the line to secure a tough 3-3 tie!

Game of the event for me, tight all the way through.

So at the end of day one I was sitting 2-1, ridiculously high for me at a tournament!

Round 4 – Scott Laird – High Elves.

This game was dominated by the weather, sweltering heat and dice that suddenly remember how to roll one make for a tough game. Both teams scored easily when the opposition was down on players, and by this point Scott had got up one TD. I tried some desperate plays to get back on terms but it was not to be and I went down to a 3-2 lose.

Round 5 – Dave Marriott – Skaven.

When playing Skaven it often comes down to can you get the gutter runners off the pitch and I couldn’t. Dave scored early in the first half and I suddenly went all Khemri and decided that I’d try and grind out the first half, hoping to take some rats out. By my turn 6 I knew this wasn’t going to work and my inability to hurt the gutter runners has left me in a bad position. I had to score knowing that 2 turns was more than enough for Dave to take the 2-1 lead into half time, which he did.

The second half started badly when Dave managed to turn me over, taking the ball in for 3-1, I scored quickly but then couldn’t stop him getting his 4th as time ran out on the game.


So overall 2-2-1 saw me finish in 6th place out of the 14 players. One of my better results at a tournament for while 🙂

Thanks to all my opponents for 5 great game of Blood-bowl, the WPS for running another smooth event and the guys from the Tanelorn WGC for a fun weekend.

Roll on 2013 and the return of Epic so I can go back to lurking at the lower end of the table.



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