Daventry BB League, final game.

Posted: May 31, 2012 in Bloodbowl, Daventy Vaulters

Last night was the final game for my Khemri in the Daventry Vaulters Blood-bowl league.

I was up against Gary and his Skaven, and with him tied on points at the top of division one a lot was riding on the game.

I elected to kick to start the game, hoping to force Gary into a quick score and then do the 2 drive grind for a 2-1 win.

Things started out well enough with one rat out the game and his apo used by turn 2 and running in for the score turn 3. I then began the grind, moving the ball slowly forward while trying to thin out the rats. Unfortunately I was left with a desperate dodge in my turn 8 to force the tie and it was no surprise that I couldn’t manage it. Far too many rats were still around too.

Second half saw me grind some more, rats steadily left the pitch but not quickly enough and with me final closing on the end zone Gary managed to break the ball loose only for my rookie skeleton to grab it. My final turn saw my only chance to blitz with this skelie hope to hurt the side stepping, shadowing, diving tackle gutter runner that was marking him. Sadly it was a push and the diving tackle was enough to trip the skelie and end the game.

So a close 1-0 lose was to be my last game in the league. I’ve enjoyed my time playing up there immensely, but it’s time to focus on WM/H and WWII I think.


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