Harlow tournament

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

The weekend just gone saw me head down to Harlow to play in Harlow Wargame Club’s 35 point steamroller event.

As I built my Throne I decided it had to go in one list so I took it with Kallus, Absylonia being my other list mainly as it’s the only fully painted list I can do when taken at tier 4 πŸ™‚

Game 1 – Paul – Cygnar – E Haley – (Kallus).

Never played against either Haley before and now having done so I can see what all the sighing is about lol. A massive grind of a game which Paul won by killing Kallus, has to be said had this final attack failed he would have lost as Haley had moved out of the kill box trying to kill my deathstalker lol.

Game 2 – Tom – Khador – E Vlad – (Abyslonia)

Never played Vlad so I’m onΒ  a roll here. Played Absy as if nothing else this list had an angelius in it and trying to take out Khador jacks without armour piercing isn’t that easy. Tight game that Tom took on scenario. It started out good but a couple of key errors in my play saw me loose to many models to quickly, and Absy T4 is a small list to start with.

Game 3 – Mark – Retribution – Ossyan – (Kallus)

Never played Ossyan πŸ™‚ Mark wasn’t able to clear the infantry quickly enough and didn’t target the Throne so it chomped its way through the army pretty well. Game came down to could the scythean be damaged enough by a free strike before it trampled to Ossyan, it wasn’t and Ossyan went down hard.

Game 4 – Matt – Skorne – Zaal – (Kallus)

Another caster I’d not seen before, basically I played like a Muppet and Matt rolled me really easily. The spirit moved in and cleared loads of infantry out of the way and I’d sent my hex hunters way to wide trying to stay out of abomination range of the throne.

So over all 1-3, which could have been 2-2 or better had I remembered to feat when I’d planned to in 2 of the 4 games. I’m going to be sticking with Kallus for a bit longer I think. I’ve even managed to get some paint on models!

Thanks to Leon for running the event and everyone that was there for a fun day.


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