Posted: June 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Went round to a friends yesterday for a bit of Hordesmachine action.

I decided to continue my games with Kallus and I think I’m slowly getting better with him.

First up was a 20 point game vs pDenny with a lot of Jacks. Didn’t go well for the cryx as I managed to get up close before any key pieces got their stat’s reduced and Denny went down in a hail of Ravagore fire followed up by a true striking harrier. Why a harrier you ask? Well I discovered I’d only packed 2 shredders so when the pot spawned a 3rd beast harrier it was 🙂

Game 2 was a 35 pointer vs Star Crossed, I mean Calandra. I decided to put the battle engine in again and we played steamroller. We randomised the scenario and came up with Command and Control… so caster kill it is then. My opp made some mistakes, as did I but his poorish dice didn’t help. So a flaming Calandra got bitten in the ankles by the 4th Shredder the pot spawned.

The addition of the Spawning vessel was a great 3 point investment in this list, with so many bodies about it was really easy to get lesser beasts into the game. So some more thought about my 50 point Kallus list. But the pot stays, and so does the throne I think.


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