So here comes July…

Posted: July 3, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Looking back at June my gaming was dominated by Hordes, and July looks pretty similar.

I’ll be attending Tanelorn’s Summer Slaughter on the 29th, which is a 2 list 50 points steamroller event. I’d like to take one list fully painted, which right now means Absylonia tier 4. I’m not totally sold on her in steamroller. The list is light on model count so doesn’t really do well at holding ground. So it’s time to paint infantry.

That said Britcon is peering over the horizon, with only 6 weeks or so to that marathon weekend of epic gaming.

I had planned on playing tyranids at all the Epic events I attend this year, but with what I have painted 4,000 points is a stretch. So it’s paint more or bite the bullet and play another list. Marines, Chaos or Ulthwe are all options, and would give me bonus points in the UK Championship 🙂

I sent and entry for the Shellcase shorts writing comp in June, and with July’s prize a signed copy of Dystopian wars rules I’ll be submitting a suitably steam punkie story for that.



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