Posted: July 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Bit more trumpet blowing but I may have won a copy of Curis’s great book 😉


I really struggled with June’s entries as this was the first time I’d opened it up to include comic books too which was down to the awesome prize donated by our resident cartoon mentalist Curis of Ninjabread. In the end I settled on a short story by a previous winner, Mr Dave Bartley (@Mephistonag). His story, Rage, once again gets beneath the surface of the 40k fluff and creates a gripping tale.

So without any further flapping of gums, I give you…


Pre-drop battle prep, a ritual Captain Albus had followed for the past 200 years. The weapons he tended had changed with his rise through the ranks, but the process remained. A solid touchstone to hold to, controlling the battle lust building within.

The armoury buzzed with activity, his retinue working on their weapons and armour, but he paid them no attention, external input closed to him…

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