Thaggy goes to Northampton

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Sunday saw me head of to Wargames Workshop in Northampton to play in a 25 point WM/H event run by Guardians of Tyr.

With it being 25 points and 4 steamroller scenarios I plumped for pThags and this list.

Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight (*5pts)
* Angelius (9pts)
* Ravagore (10pts)
Blighted Nyss Legionnaires (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
Spawning Vessel (Leader and 5 Grunts) (3pts)
Strider Deathstalker (2pts)

The though being that the Angel’s animus would help with zone clearance. As it happened I’d have been better off with either a Scythean or a Carnie and no deathstalker. 5 min turns was a bit hectic for this list without any practice games before hand.

Game One – Callum – Mercs – pMagnus – Close Quarters

Callum is pretty new to the game so hordes and timed turns were pretty new to him. That said I made a whooper of on error turn one, when I didn’t move thaggy at all. In a scenario with kill box that’s almost attempted suicide! This forced him to run turn 2 and not be very agressive. When time was called I’d managed to secure one CP to took the game on tie breakers. Callum really didn’t press hard enough with his jacks to threaten me.

Game Two – Richard – Cryx – pSkarre – Destruction

This game was a bit of grind, with neither side really making an attempt on the scenario. The banes took longer than expected to grind through my legionaries, and thaggy survived an ap attack from a snap jaw. With time running out I saw a chance for a mutagenisis assassination run. The mechina thrall screening Skarre was just far enough forward for thaggy to teleport into range of skarre, but it took 2 extra rapture strikes to seal the deal… may have been easier had Skarre not put out the fire on her before taking any damage from it.

Game Three – Dave S – Khador – pButcher – Incursion

Another tight game that probably when longer than Dave S expected when had dice trouble clearing out the legionaries. I’ve never played  agains Kayazy before, man they’re pretty good. Did have a chance of getting the angel into butcher under draconic blessing, but a free strike from the spriggan did for his mind so the attack missed. I sealed the game by not bringing back my angel with Thagg’s feat so he got shot to death with 4 fury and nowhere to transfer to. Had I brought the Angel back Dave had a good chance to take the game 3-1 on CP’s in the same turn, but would have been harder for him.

Game Four – Graham – Cygnar – eNemo – Command & Control

By turn 3 apart from 2 solos every single model was in the control zone smacking each other! Again my legionaries proved resiliant and I got ahead on the beast v jack count, with Thaggy bringing back the Ravagore once it fell. The ability to create extra beasts was key in the game as 2 shredders and the recycled Ravagore killed nemo in combat. Though a stinger may have done the job rather than a second shredder in hind sight.

So 3-1 record overall and 4th place.

The terrain was maybe a bit sparse on some tables, and mostly 40k ish in nature. But its the guys first WM/H event so sure things can be worked on.

I think I underestimated the impact of 5 min turns. I’ve not played timed for quite a while. I think I should have gone with my first idea of a Carnivean rather than the Angel and deathstalker. That way I could have walked up the board and delivered a hammer blow behind the ravagores fire.

Still was a fun day of WM/H. Thanks to Ian for running the event, and for all my opponents for 4 fun games.

Full result can be found here –


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