Holy indignation

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I took my fledgling Menoth force out for a spin yesterday.

First game was vs pDenny with a jack heavy force at 20 points. Was going OK until pDenny feated and understood how flimsy warmachine casters can be without transfers lol.

Game two stepped up to 25 points vs trolls and Grim. This game was going really well until the vital turn when I stopped playing warmachine and started playing hordes.  I forgot to allocate focus and my jacks, in prime position to wreak beasts, wandered up and tickled them a bit. Then the digmies appeared and things got bad for Kreoss. He had been softened up by Grim’s magic gun before.

Enjoyed the games and Menoth are definitely a change of pace to my legion, which is what is was after so that’s good.

Back to normal tonight an Kallus will probably get to play with Siege at 35 points.


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