Back to the club

Posted: July 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well after a bit of a hiatus I finally got back to gaming at Cranfield Conquerors on Monday.

I took Kallus out for another run and was facing a Siege gun line. The game went pretty much to plan with the legionaries moving forward and dying fuelling up the pot for shredder creation duties. I’d thrown in a unit of Striders over hex hunters. They didn’t really shine in the early turns, managing to miss with one big combined shot but they did redeem themselves removing the Master gunner before siege feated. The game was up when under sieges feat the blue side couldn’t remove enough models to hit Kallus enough. That said the one shot he took under the feat took him down to one wound, with 3 transfers and a pretty healthy Ravagore  nearby 🙂

Siege had already taken some damage from the Ravagore and the Striders moved round to fill siege’s back with arrows and down him.

Fun game. Next week I should be facing gator’s at 35.

Before that I’m off to Tanelorn WGC this Sunday for a 50pt tournament. Kallus and Absy are my lists. Not sure how it will go but we shall see.


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