Tanelorn Summer slaughter

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Sunday I braved the Olympic traffic to head down to Tanelorn WGC to take part in their summer slaughter. It was a 32 man steamroller event at 50 points so 5 rounds required to find a winner. All this made for a long day of gaming.

I’d decided to take Kallus and Absylonia to the event. For once absy wasn’t in tier as I wanted some bodies to contest zones as I’ve lost easily on scenario in the past as the model count is low in her tier.

Game One – Jack – Moshar – Circle.

I decided to start with Kallus. He had striders and Annysa in his list so if Jack picked Moshar I’d have units that wouldn’t suffer under his feat. This was a pretty tight game, I managed to move annysa into range of Moshar only for my poisoned damage roll to turn up triple one! The dice evened themselves out when a enraged stalker could only hit Kallus twice with its sword despite making 5 attacks! Ended when a damaged feral survived free strikes from a pot handler and angel that couldn’t group the damage to remove any of the healed aspects.

Game Two – James – pMakada – Skorne

A brutally quick game as despite knowing all about Molik Khan’s stupid threat range I managed to position poorly and give the one eyed beast a run at absy. Could have easily avoided it by putting my no force spell on absy but I’d cast it elsewhere. Silly me and lesson truly learnt.

Game Three – Bye

Unfortunately there were a few drop outs just before the event so I had a bye. Hurrah a win :). In truth the time to sit and chill, watch games and have a laugh was welcome.
Game Four – Jaden – Karchev – Khador

I decided to go with kallus against all that armour, maybe absy would have been better but not sure. Poor positioning left me down a CP early and I never really go the chance to push forward. Jaden nearly messed up when Karchev moved away from the objective he meant to score to take the game 3-1 but had a handy solo that could run and capture a zone to take the win.

Game Five – Leon – Kromac – Circle

I’ve played against Kromac most often so know just how far he can go in a turn. Leon’s deployment was a bit one sided and gave me the chance to grab a CP early. From there bad dice didn’t really let Leon get back in the game and it all ended with a shredder chewing on Kromac before the angelius swooped in to finish the deal.

So overall 2 (kinda) wins and 3 loses. I wasn’t last or lowest Tanelorn player so no wooden spoons this time.

Really fun event, Thanks to Jon for running it and all my opponents for fun games. List will be tweaked for Cambridge and the Harlow heat. Quite tempted to use pThags over Kallus as he has a bit more variety in his locker. Time will tell.


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