Britcon 2012

Posted: August 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Last weekend was the behemoth tournament that is Britcon.

Run by the BHGS it is a large multi system tournament and wargames show held on the University of Manchester campus. It’s mainly historical games in truth but Epic A and 40K make an appearance annually.

It’s unique in the Epic A calendar in that there are 6 games, first taking place Friday evening, and due to the time slots is played at 4,000 points rather than the standard 3,000. All in all its a fun and tiring weekend.

Early in the year I decided to try an concentrate on one race this year, and see if my efforts improved other the year by not constantly switching armies. I had planned a radically different list than the one I ended up taking, but as ever motivation to paint meant I went with a more war engine heavy list that I initially intended.

My list can be seen here and it looks like this –

Game One – Rohan – Black Legion

As the system umpire and list checker this was one of the two lists I really didn’t fancy with the nids. Well in truth they all looked pretty bad, but Rohan’s and Gavin’s especially so.
The game was cagey, I couldn’t blast forward as Rohan had way to much shooting, and he kinda didn’t want to press forward as he hadn’t fought the nids before.
Game went the full 4 turns with neither side able to force the issue. As ever with nids you tend to lose lots of models, and while in the game this doesn’t matter too much, it hurts when you compare points destroyed. So a losing Draw to me was the result. So 14 tournament points in the bank after game one.

Game 2 – Chris S – Orks

It’s always a pleasure playing Chris S. His Great gargant looked pretty fearsome to me thought the rest of the army looked manageable. Game was defined by 2 assaults between the hydraphant and GG.

First was an ork initiated FF which it won. However the bio-titan rallied and showed what it could do in CC, handing out 7 wounds to none taken (yes some stupidly good saves made by me). Some cheeky harridan marching saw me take the game with take and hold and blitz. So this gave me 40 tournament points.

Game 3 – Chris W – World Eaters

Unfortunately Chris was unwell on the Sunday and I didn’t get an army pic.

Chris was using a big drop backed up by terminators and two lords of battle. He elected a turn 2 drop which allowed the nids to rush to his side of the board and prepare for the drop. Unlucky plotting saw the bombardment hit empty table and the chaos marines arrive amongst the rest of the nid army. One failed attempt at the Dominatrix BTS and the nids could render the other 2 retinues combat ineffective.  Another 2-0 win with blitz and take and hold. So 66 tournament points in the bag and now it’s time to face the big boys!

Game 4 – Richard – Iyanden

Really tough game that should have been much easier for Richard. Virtually ever time his spirit hosts initiated an assault he lost the ability to roll 4+ allowing the nids to win more assaults than they should, including one they went into at -3! The game ground on through 4 turns with the armies swapping sides to both grab blitz and take and hold. The decider was that the eldar claimed BTS while those pesky revenants wouldn’t fail a 3+ save. So my first lose of the event. 77 points in the bag and a top half finish looking good.

Game 5 – Tim – Saim Hann

Strange game. I never really felt I had a chance and yet Tim wasn’t able to press for the victory. I managed to win initiative turn two and with the eldar BTS in range of my dominatrix and a termagaunt swarm I removed that from play. Tim was worried at the lose of his SC re-roll so early, but it didn’t matter as he didn’t fail many activation or rally rolls after that. Game came down to 2 vampire hunters attacking my BTS Dom in cover. The couldn’t do it so another losing draw. So with 91 points in the bag a top 3 finish was possible with one game to go.

Game 6 – Simon W – World Eaters

Simon is renowned for his off the wall lists. His WE are probably not as wacky as normal but his massive BTS was a problem. I thought the game was going OK as Simon basically bunkered up as the nids enveloped him. But Simon had plans to deal with this and when my Hydraphant failed to kill a lord of battles, and lost the assault I was looking in trouble. Simon did try a go for broke assault with his BTS on the BTS dom but it was repulsed and the dom then passed all the other saves it was asked to make to survive again. Once more a draw with the points going to Simon.

So with a total of 105 points I managed to secure 3rd place out of the 8 entrants. A result I’m very happy with. Full result can be seen here.

To be honest the list performed better than I hoped, though I did make an above average number of saves other the weekend I think.

Thanks to all my opponents for a great weekend of gaming and the BHGS for letting us crash the historical party. In truth I had though my interest in Epic was on the wane, as ever I’m now full of post Britcon enthusiasm and Epic is back towards the fore in my gaming mind.


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