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Ever wanted to give Warmachine/Hordes a go? Got Vassal? Perfect…

Miniature Musings of a Bear

Hi all

Some of you may know I have started taking tentative steps into using Vassal to play Warmachine. During one such game with @Jasksta we stumbled upon an idea, an idea that was just so crazy it could actually work!

The Idea

The idea is a simple one, players come together to play Warmachine/Hordes games on Vassal as has been the way since the module was designed. But here is the interesting concept, we play a Journeyman league so Battlebox up to 35 pts.

The idea being it allows people to get experience with Vassal and as such expand the player base on there. But what happens if you are fluent on Vassal and a Hardcore champion for your faction? well ever fancied trying another faction? don’t have the cash to get one then this could also work wonders for you đŸ˜€

The Aim

As this is something…

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