Bring out your dead…

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Looking at the list of games I’ve played this year I have seen a pattern forming. Here is that list

  • Kampfgruppe Normandy
  • Warmachine/Hordes
  • Blood Bowl
  • Epic Armageddon
  • Mordeim
  • Dystopian Wars

Of those 6 games I think many wargamers would consider 4 of them dead games, and therefore unworthy of their attention.

To me the status of those games is somewhat more muddy. The only truly dead game is Kampfgruppe Normandy. Its publisher, Warhammer Historical, is no more and its author has moved onto pastures new, with a new ruleset supported my a mini manufacture just about to hit the shelves.

So why are the other 3, all specialist games for GW, considered dead by many?

The first answer is that GW no longer produce new models, or sell them in their shops any more. This is mainly true, especially so for Epic A. You can buy what GW had on offer before the demise of Specialist games in 2009, but in truth its quite expensive. That said the second hand market is pretty vibrant, and good value for money can be found if your careful. As to both Mordheim and Blood bowl there are plenty of proxy models out there, or for the more creative the option to convert GW models is always available.

The second is that GW are no longer updating the rules or FAQ’s. To me this is a massive plus point. It means that the rules won’t be changing at the whim of the accountants, rendering your army sub par with each release. You will also find likely find that an active internet community has grown up around these games, with plenty of fan produced content if you find such things acceptable. Couple this fan support with rules that are some of the tightest GW ever wrote you are on to a winner.

Then the matter of organised play rears its head. Blood bowl has a massive tournament scene, with events held most weekends world wide. Epic has a small but robust tournament scene in the UK,with a tournament or event most months of the year, drawing between 8 and 20 players. There are events in other parts of the world but they seem fewer and more localised in scope, but that is probably my small island view point coming to the fore.

So is a game ever really dead? To me no game ever truly dies, and in the age of the internet it has never been easier to find people with similar tastes in wargaming. No game need ever die if groups come together and support and promote their game of choice.

And for those of you tempted to bring out your specialist games models I can think of no better starting place than here – – the spiritual home of all things SG.

So get those old models out of the loft/garage and bring out your gaming dead, you won’t regret it.


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