Saga continues…

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, ok. So I didn’t get my warband painted… I did make a start but as ever I got sidetracked by things I enjoy more than painting. Yep, pretty much anything else 😉

Nevertheless my mostly black band of Danes took to the field last night in a quick refresher game of “kill the warlord” v some Vikings. Game ended when my warlord charge the viking (you have to charge if your warlord ends up in range of the enemy) and with some nice dice combo’s and some Creols wandering in to provide “look out sir’s” (I know, but it’s an easy term we all understand) the viking went down hard.

Having played only once before, and using Normans, I have to say some of the abilities on the Anglo-Dane battle board are nice. Being able to nullify an opponents activation is really good. Some nice combat and save buffs too. And my dice never allowed me to try the nasty double six options.

A few more games and I’ll see the power of lobbing extra fatigue about. So all in all a nice quick reminder that Saga is a fun, quick game with plenty of depth to keep games interesting.

Not a game for every week but a fun change of pace to Epic A and WM/H for sure.


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