Been a while…

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

The gap between my last post and this has been longer than I intended, and I almost have a good reason 😉

During this time I’ve attended two Warmachine/Hordes tournaments, and I had intended to do very brief game reports on both events. However in my normal disorganised way I didn’t make a note of my opponents names or lists from the events so was hoping that full results of both would appear online and I could get names then 🙂 Sadly this hasn’t happened as yet.
The first event was run by Rob at Inner Sanctum Collectables in Cambridge (

It was a 16 player 50 point steamroller affair, and I believe the first one that Rob has organised and run. It was a fun day with 4 games run very efficiently and without issue from my point of view. I managed to go 2-2 with one game going right to the wire when I snatched a CP with only minutes left before dice down. Then I managed to lose the final game in 17 minutes by making one huge error play v Retribution. Casting Fog of War when I know full well they all ignore concealment, and leaving Thaggy with no transfers, was one mistake I shan’t repeat!

The second event was the London Steamroller Series Heat 4 run by Leon and the Harlow wargames club. Another 16 player 50 point event. Once again I managed to end up 2-2 though I took a chance game one on an early assassination attempt that fell just short. Another fun event that ran without a hitch.

Aside from that I’ve got in a couple more games of Saga and I do like that game for some quick and dirty skirmish action. I think the core of the rules are pretty good for skirmish and could be applied to a much wider period than just the dark ages.


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