Legion for the win!

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Saturday saw me heading off early for yet another Hordes event.

This time it wasn’t a no holds bared event but Tanelorn WGC’s Hordes campaign day.
16 players did battle, with 4 Legion, 4 Circle, 3 Troll and 3 Skorne and 2 minions players it was 4 teams of 4 battling out to hold 2 ‘home’ tables and capture others. Each faction had a special secret mission to achieve over the 4 games, with Legions being kill 80 or more enemy warrior models to feed the spawning vessels. Each faction also got an special ability while they held their home table. Legion’s ability was to allow their caster to spawn a lesser warbeast turn one as a special action. Nice 🙂

I picked a poor time to go get my models out and ended up nominated as captain! Happily it seemed to go ok and my team of Barry, Craig and Sam were a pleasure to lead.

It was 35 points, no characters till game 3 and 50 points for the final game. I decided to go with pThags.
Max Legionaires
Max Spawning vessel

Game One – Tom H – Circle (Kromac)

Great game but the terrain seemed to hamper things a bit. I managed to lose this one by having to move Thaggy too far forward as my Scythean had had to run round some terrain to get to grips with the enemy. Kromac did the beast thing and proceeded to beat Thags to death over 2 turns. Would have been quicker had wraithbane been able to ignore Spiny Growth!

Game Two – Jack H – Circle (Moshar)

The scenario was Incursion for this one, and having setup pretty centrally naturally that was the flag that dissaperead. This game became a real grind, with both sides managing to grab one CP each. I think I was winning the heavy attrition game, but being able to bring one back helps of course. Dice down was called and I had more points around the flags and won the game, just.

Game Three – Nigel D – Skorne (Naaresh)

The scenario was A flag to far, and I thought I’d actuall managed to get 2 CP’s… but I’d got the flags the wrong way round and stuffed it up! A real grinder of  a game that again went to dice down. A quick check revealed that you do score points on both primary flags for the tertiary and once again the second chance Carnivore was in range of the flag and won me another tertiary condition win.

Game Four – Conrad G – Circle (pBaldur)

To make the list to 50 points I added Raptors (full) and a Naga nightlurker, inspired choice I guess as Conrad spent a lot of time telling me how much he hated Raptors, and worrying about them. Not that they did much other than kill on druid and lose on of their number to a free strike. The scenario was Sacrifice and the terrain on the table did limit the way the radial scenario worked. I concentrated on dumping points in the zone and it was no surprise when the game was still going when dice down was called, infact neither conrad or I heard that call and played a bit more than we should! Points in the zone once again went in favour of the legion and I went 3 wins (tertiary wins count!) to 1 lose… best ever hordes result for me.

Overall Team Legion had completed their mission by the end of game 3, having killed 91 warriors! When the dust settled Legion managed to sneak the win over Circle by holding our home territory and completing our special mission.
Thanks to Jon and Conrad for running a really smooth event, and Gary and the team at Tabletop Nation, great new venue that I’ll talk a bit about in a later post.

One day I’ll actually remember to take that new camera I bought to an event and take some pictures!

Next up is Open war next weekend.


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