A trip to sunny Southend (almost!)

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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In my last post I talked about the Tanelorn WGC’s hordes campaign day. Today I’ll ramble on a bit about the venue this event was held at.

Tabletop Nations is the name for the gaming venue run by Wayland Games. Located in Hockley,
Essex its about an hour and half in the car door to door for me, which is similar to other gaming venues.

The gaming space has only recently opened and as such doesn’t represent the finished article, but what they have now is pretty impressive. The gaming tables are nicely done, with a shelf to store your bags and nicely textured tables for your mini’s to fight on. There is plenty of scatter terrain on the tables and on the shelves. I didn’t get to play on it but Wayland had built a really nice looking Death Star board to demo X-Wing on, looked ace and signs they will be building special boards as required.

The rows of tables themselves are mounted on wheels so they can be moved to provide any set-up a TO may require. Clever move on Wayland’s part. However for me, as not the tallest gamer out there, it does make the tables a little higher than other venues. During a radial game I was struggling to be able to measure some of my moves correctly. So I may need to pack a small box for my next visit πŸ™‚

Gary, the man heading up organised play for Wayland, gave us a quick tour of the area that will be developed next, and ran through what has been planned. It all sounds very positive, and if all the plans come together the venue will be truly world class this time next year.

The store was well stocked, even with a major stock take going on, and a good range of games on the shelves, so not to be rude I picked up some bits for Drop Zone Commander.

At this point I have to also give kudos to Wayland’s support. On getting home I discovered that one set of guns was missing from one of the blisters I purchased. I raised a helpdesk ticket on Sunday, and today I picked up the replacement blister for the Post office. Zero hassle and a super fast resolution. Like it and will be purchasing from them again I’m sure.

Details of what’s planned at Tabletop Nations can be found here – http://tabletopnation.com/

My only niggle? I may be spending more time on the M25 in the future πŸ˜‰


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