Open War 18.

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The weekend just gone saw me switch from my now staple WM/H and back to Epic A. This was my fourth event of the year and despite toying with the idea of a new army I went for the easy no painting option and ran my Tyranids once again.

My list was:-

NORMAL ASSAULT SWARM [200] 2 Tyranid Warrior, 2 Termagant, 6 Hormaguant
NORMAL ASSAULT SWARM [200] 2 Tyranid Warrior, 2 Termagant, 6 Hormaguant
NORMAL ASSAULT SWARM [200] 2 Tyranid Warrior, 8 Termagant
NORMAL ASSAULT SWARM [200] 2 Tyranid Warrior, 8 Termagant
NORMAL ASSAULT SWARM [200] 2 Tyranid Warrior, 8 Termagant
BRUTE SWARM [275] 1 Hive Tyrant, 2 Carnifex, 2 Exocrines
DOMINATRIX SWARM [625] 1 Dominatrix, Hierodule
DOMINATRIX SWARM [500] 1 Dominatrix
GENESTEALER SWARM [150] 6 Genestealer

Titan/Air Third
HARASSMENT SWARN [225] 1 Harridan and 0-4 Gargoyles
HARASSMENT SWARN [225] 1 Harridan and 0-4 Gargoyles

I used two Dominatrix’s at Britcon and liked them but at three thousand points I was concerned they cost a lot for their abilities.

Game One – Rob Hutson – Saim Hann

Rob is pretty new to both Epic and the tournament circuit. This was the first time he’d seen ‘nids so it was no surprise how he reacted to my rapid movement across the board towards his lines. He backed up and by turn two his army was compressed into a pretty small space. However as turn three wore on he did realise he needed to break out a bit as a win for the ‘nids was looking pretty likely. Then things feel apart a bit for the ‘nids. They didn’t do enough damage to stop the Eldar holding onto their blitz and contest one of their own objectives. Leaving the nids holding all of there’s and the chance to grab defend the line if they could stop the lone formation broken in their half surviving. The only formation that could damage them was the Brute swarm, who then refused the double order even with a re-roll! With no time to play out turn 4 the game ended in a flat draw.

Game Two – Mark P – Codex Marines.

Mark has been busy most of the year so he was a bit rusty, especially versus ‘nids. That and he had some of the worst dice I’ve seen, and I’ve watched mine destroy me enough times! His air assault failed as he forgot killing guants is never going to help, then after two rounds rolling 1,2 on his dice to my 6 was bad. Dead thunderhawk and an upset Terminator Chaplin who refused to rally all game! The Warlord got himself broken in another assault, once again Mark forgot that killing the gaunts swarming around his legs, leaving the Warriors safe in firefight wasn’t a good plan. The game was looking good for the ‘nids and when Mark then failed 3 activation in turn 3 it was all over. Tyranids taking the game 3-0 and my first ever tournament win versus Mark.

Game Three – Dave T – Codex Marines

So the joy of beating Mark was somewhat tempered when it turned out I’d be facing Dave T on the top table. That said a game v Dave T is always fun, even when he is sweeping your troops from the table on the way to another crushing victory. The game was a pretty cagey affair. His orbital bombardment did more damage than I’d expected and Dave, as ever, was clinical in his removal of formations. By the end of turn 4 most of my guant swarms were gone but Dave hadn’t managed to kill any of the war engines. I think Dave was probably more happy we didn’t get a turn 5 as I would have quite fancied stealing a win. That said once we had worked out points I was more than happy to claim my first ever draw versus the Dice of Dave 🙂

Overall One win and two draws same me into fourth place. Mike T with Necrons took top spot, Steve G second with Tau and Dave T third. Richard L’s Iyanden took best painted and I think all 18 competitors had a fun time. Full details can be found here

Thanks to Rob, Mark and Dave for 3 great games, 1st Company Veterans for running the whole show. Thanks to kyussinchains for the photos.


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